The Perfect Night-Time Routine For Self Care Summer


This feature is in conjunction with paid inclusion in the Hello Salon Pro by The Tease June Box.

The amount of stress in the air right now is seriously unreal. Yes, we’re returning to work –– but we’re also adjusting to new protocols, dealing with extremely long waitlists, and wondering about the still-uncertain future of our industry.

Although we’re super fortunate to live in a culture that prioritizes self care, it’s easy as salon pros to let our busy schedules get the best of us. As we head into summer, there are small ways we can create moments to relax –– even in our super packed days.

This month’s Hello Salon Pro “Beautiful Rebel” box in partnership with Revlon Professional features five full-sized samples that are easy to add into our current routines. Today, we’re featuring a few of the goodies alongside other easy #SelfCare habits to make space when we need it most.

Cool Shot in the Shower

This may sound like a rude awakening –– literally –– but we can’t deny the benefits of a cool shot! Although a super hot shower feels great to start or end the day, remember to turn the dial down and finish with a cooler rinse.

Doing so seals your hair cuticle, tightens pores, and promotes blood flow. In other words, you’re prompting your body to do some natural self care once you step out of the shower. Plus, if you bathe in the evening, cooling your body temperature actually helps you sleep better!


Another super easy way to integrate self care is by introducing a body, face or scalp exfoliator. Doing so is a relaxing, low-commitment way to literally scrub the day away and unveil brighter, healthier skin. A simple sugar scrub does wonders before a shave, and a gently abrasive scalp scrub removes product buildup while promoting better blood flow and hair growth. Plus, it’s straight up #oddlysatisfying.

Mask & Chill

Nothing says self care like a good ol’ mask. Our favorite at the moment is the Revlon Professional Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask. This innovative formula from the Magnet™ line not only indulges our lengths and ends with moringa seed extract, keratin and panthenol, it’s also built to fight pollution in the process. From metals and minerals that find their way into our showers to free radicals in the air, a coat of this formula protects and pampers us all at once.

Overnight Treatment

Whether you’ve run out of time or energy to fulfill your self care routine, an overnight treatment is the perfect way to reap benefits in your sleep. From night creams to deep conditioners, there are tons of options to do the work while you do…well, literally nothing! 

The Revlon Professional Anti-Pollution Daily Shield is one set-it-and-forget-it option that preps hair to fight pollution overnight. Spray on your strands after your shower and rest easy knowing you’re insured from UV light damage and air pollution until your next wash. Plus, stay free of frizz and second-day-hair scent when you apply!

Satin Pillowcase

As if the material wasn’t luxurious enough, satin pillowcases have become self care staples in the beauty community. Another easy way to turn your nights into a true beauty sleep regimen, consider covering your pillows in one of these deliciously buttery cases.

An easy addition, these pillowcases prevent hair from tangling while its moisture-wicking fabric helps hair stay hydrated. Plus, you can’t help but relax when laying your head on such a luxe, comfortable purchase. Feel like royalty, no matter how hard your day was!

The Hello Salon Pro June box delivers these self care essentials straight to your door. Test them out for yourself during this wild time of returning to work. Then, see which hit the mark and find themselves in your daily routine or on the salon shelves! You can learn more about the full lineup and order your box today.

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