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The Buzz on Beauty Fridges!

Did your grandmother keep her “cold cream” in the refrigerator?  Keeping face and eye products refrigerated used to be a trick to calm down inflammation and puffiness in your skin.  Now we’re taking it to a whole new level with specialty small sized mini-fridges made specifically to have in your bathroom to store your face …

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Hair Growth 101

We all want luscious locks of hair.  Some of us are more blessed than others when it comes to thickness and fullness in our hair.   Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As with just about anything else in life, there are various factors that make everyone’s hair growth journeys a little different. The ability to …

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Farm to Table Beauty

Just like farm-to-table restaurants, farm-to-body has also experienced a surge in popularity. The concept of farm-to-body has been a growing market for a few years now.   Consumers no longer want to know just what effect a formula will have on their skin, but also exactly where ingredients come from, their quality, and how they’ve been treated …

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Pro Beauty’s “IT” Girl, Larissa Love Creates Color Live

Joico poster gal and all-time #goal influencer Larissa Love announced her own line in collaboration with Joico today! The line is called “Love Aura” part of Joico’s Color Intensity line. True Lav, Passion Berry, Peri-Wink, Hot Kiss and Mauve Amour! The brand says that the shades are “passionate, bold, spiritual and dynamic. A truly rich and …

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