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The Buzz on Beauty Fridges!

Did your grandmother keep her “cold cream” in the refrigerator?  Keeping face and eye products refrigerated used to be a trick to calm down inflammation and puffiness in your skin.  Now we’re taking it to a whole new level with specialty small sized mini-fridges made specifically to have in your bathroom to store your face …

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Charcoal invades the Beauty Industry!

Charcoal is being used in beauty products everywhere right now.  Charcoal in its natural form is a lightweight black carbon residue produced by removing water and other volatile components from animal and plant materials.  In beauty, activated charcoal is amazing for drawing out toxins and removing impurities, which is something we are all looking to do!  It’s typically used …

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To dip or not to dip?

That is the beauty queen’s question… Nails can make or break (literally) your day, so deciding on your nail type is so important! While dip powder nails aren’t a new invention, there is still a lot of debate about them within the beauty industry. Some people have fallen in love, while others still don’t even …

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