Mariya Nurislamova: The Fragrance Queen - The Tease

Mariya Nurislamova: The Fragrance Queen

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Mariya Nurislamova had the dream of discovering the perfect fragrance from the comfort of her own couch. She was tired of shopping in department stores and being pressured and overwhelmed by sales associates. Four years ago, she put her dream into action by creating Scentbird, a monthly perfume subscription box. Mariya wanted to eliminate the common mistake too many women make, buying a large perfume bottle and letting it go unused. She rather get a new scent every month of a smaller size. After taking a personalized quiz, you are able to choose your scent from a collection of over 450 different perfumes. Scentbird is not just for women, but for men as well, they have a variety of men’s cologne. Scentbird’s sales are taking off as more bloggers, Youtubers, and Instagram influencers are reviewing the service, which is drawing more positive attention to the brand. We love a female CEO, congrats on the great work Mariya!

Nurislamova next to a Scentbird ad on the subway:

The cofounders of Scentbird were thrilled to be featured in  a Forbes article!

Each month, the perfume comes in a new colorful bottle:

Just a few of the high end fragrances offered by Scentbird: