The Texture Style Awards Is Here to Shake Up the Industry

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This week’s guest, Monaé Everett, is a hair stylist, author, and public speaker with 20 years of experience. Monaé was a guest on Volume Up in December of 2020.  Listen to that episode here! 

For this episode, Monaé came on Volume Up to talk about The Texture Style Awards, which she launched February 9th  and for which the winners will be announced LIVE during a digital event on July 5th. The Texture Style Awards is a new beauty competition celebrating the beauty of hair and honor the artists who have mastered styling techniques for all hair textures.

Monaé gave Jeffery Lunnen the inside details on who the judges are, the numbers behind the entries, the hopes for The Texture Style Awards in the future and what it means in Monaé’s eyes. She also discussed how and why the awards were developed and how the award show evolved as it grew in popularity.

Don’t miss out on The Texture Style Awards virtual award ceremony on July 5th at https://www.texturestyleawards.com/ !

“So The Texture Style Awards are going to be a night of hair humor, diversity and accolades.

It’s going to be phenomenal.”

“It was my baby. And I had been planning it for many, many months before I went live.”

“I need them to take away that in 2021, it is no longer acceptable to only style one hair texture. I need them to take away the understanding that it is a part of you, being a hairstylist. I need brands to walk away understanding that we care about diversity and inclusion.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey