The Vision Is The Ultimate Goal But You Don’t Have To Start There


We’ve expanded our Universe with the new Tease Talks podcast, a monthly business centered podcast.

Are you overwhelmed by building your business but determined to make it work at whatever cost? Welcome to Tease Talks. This  digital media series is focused on providing business centered bite-sized pieces of content for those in the beauty industry. Working to connect with hair stylists, aestheticians, makeup artists, massage therapists and salon owners from around the world to educate and inspire pushing further in the beauty industry. 

In this month’s episode we are talking about starting with a business vision and executing it one step at a time through innovation and consistency. 

 Sharie Wilson and Tonya Thompson, co-founders of DreamGirls, started a women-owned, family-owned, and Black-owned salon and hair care line. With experience in the field and a clear vision to change the negative narrative around natural hair to be champions for healthy hair, Wilson and Thompson started their business. They’ve made it not only their expertise but passion to help black women’s hair reach its greatest potential in both strength and length through the DreamGirls Healthy Hair Program and product line. 

Kelly Ehlers walks through the co-founders journeys from beginning to present with them including how they run their salons with the same vision but keeping  distinct personalities at the differing locations. The episode also gets into product innovation and always finding new ways to expand your revenue. 

Their biggest advice to business success is having a vision that you want to execute but starting small. With their salon’s and healthy hair program growing exponentially, they decided to expand their business to a hair care line and countrywide program.  This allowed them to fulfill their vision even further. 

 Tune into this month’s episode to learn some more tips and tricks  from these successful entrepreneurs as well as what they are doing next to further their empire

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Madeline Hickey

Madeline Hickey is the Digital Media Producer for The Tease and Volume Up podcast. Beauty is the name of her game. Think you have the perfect guest for the podcast? Let her know:

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