Time to Detox with L’Oreal Pro featuring Sebastian Langma-Kirtle

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This week’s guest on Volume Up by The Tease was Sebastian Langma-Kirtley. Sebastian is a L’Oreal Professional Artist and salon owner with an educational background in creative color. 

Sebastian discussed how he got into the beauty industry and where his passion for hair artistry developed, especially his techniques with French Balayage. He discussed how he became a L’Oreal Professional and a bit where he has gone since with mentoring and educating others. 

Sebastian gave Kelly Ehlers the inside details on the L’Oreal Pro new 3-step Metal Detox line. He explained the background for the line and how the product can be used throughout the beauty industry in every area and before any brand. 

Don’t miss out on this revolutionary L’Oreal Metal Detox line straight from a L’Oreal Professional Artist who helped test the product out in Paris!

“So my journey started in my bathroom when I was 13. And I dyed my hair bright orange from a box. And I was just, I’m an artistic person.”

“And so I auditioned again, and I made it that time and it’s been smooth sailing, for the most part, since then. I love the team. We are really like a family.”

“Metal detox is really amazing stuff, I was lucky enough to be part of the co-development of the product. Myself and two other international artists. We went to Paris last year, tested it out. And I can say this, you know, completely unbiased, it will completely change hair color forever.”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream.

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey