Changing the Game in a BIG Way

Since getting Queen B’s blessing in 2013, we’ve been all about the #IWokeUpLikeThis vibes. Now, the Hair Gods have spoken and we’re carrying natural looks into 2018 with born-with-it textures and beautiful, full volume.

Everyone can take advantage of this trend by embracing the natural volume and texture of their hair. Even those born with thin, fine tresses can fake it ‘til they make it with their Hello Salon Pro products. *wink wink* Still, this trend is especially big news for women of color.

In the beauty and fashion industries, more and more brands are adding diverse models to their lineups and advertisements. As countless celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross and Viola Davis rock their natural styles, stylists are predicting that this trend is here to stay.

Vernon François, internationally-acclaimed celebrity stylist and founder of the VERNON FRANÇOIS® Collection, told Refinery29 that 2018 will be another year when, “Curly, kinky, coily, and wavy hair will fully embrace their ‘inner-frizz’.”

The products in François’ collection are all about “[championing] the incredible versatility of textured hair.” With deep conditioning treatments, scalp nourishing sprays and more, François provides the tools and education for textured hair at every stage.

If clients are looking to go au-naturel, there are tons of styles they might choose from. But if they’re looking for some suggestions, start with these super trendy styles:

  • The Angled Afro is a new take on a time-old classic. Ladies are looking to celebs like Solange Knowles for more triangular hairspiration. Make hair lighter and emphasize volume by going flatter on top and wider on the sides.
  • A Soft Center Part allows your clients to embrace the freedom of a messier, less-structured look. Really, who needs high maintenance morning routines anymore?
  • Curtain Fringes are hot right now, and not just for the straight-haired ladies! In fact, having extra volume and texture makes this style super versatile. Curly-haired clients don’t have to worry about sparse-looking bangs the way their thin-haired pals do.
  • A Curly Shag can work on all lengths and variations of curls. According to curly hair expert Shai Amiel, this style works especially well for thick Cut layers longer on the sides to take full advantage of this feathery look.
  • And of course, Embellished Braids are perfect for when she wants to add a little extra style. Suggest she uses some barrettes, jewelry or other accessories to play up her already killer style.

As diversity becomes a given in the beauty industry, it’s no wonder that women of color are embracing their natural hair and looking to take advantage of its gorg texture and volume. Take a break from your flat irons Salon Pros, and instead, help your clients find a look that shows off their already #Flawless locks.

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