Uneven Results When Lifting? Here’s How to Fix It!



We know that metals get deposited into our hair due to a lot of things both in our control and out of our control. We also know that it’s not harmful to us or our health. So then, what do these metals do? What difference does it make to have metals in your hair?

Well, it really just comes down to the integrity of the hair. The important thing about metals are the big, noticeable differences that you see when coloring and lightening the hair. 

Picture this: you’re working on a beautiful balayage for one of your favorite clients. The product has been sitting in the hair and you have a great feeling about the result. Washing out lightener, you notice the brassy, uneven yellow undertones in the lightened part of the hair. Not coming as a total surprise because, unfortunately, it happens quite a bit, you know this ruins the look and requires a couple extra toning steps in order to get the job done. There was no way to predict whether or not the color would take well even though you did everything perfectly – it was just up to chance. The hair might have just been what we call “stubborn” – or, maybe it was the metal deposits in the hair that made it stubborn. 

See, metal deposits in the hair damage the integrity of hair fibers, cause easy breakage, and interfere with (de)coloration. 

When you lighten hair, you know- generally speaking- what you can and cannot achieve in one application. Even if a lightener says it can lift up to 9 levels, things that are outside of your control can bring that down to only 4 or 5 levels – unless you want to sacrifice the health of the hair. Well, that can also have to do with metals in the hair. Metals don’t only affect the tonal quality and predictability of lightening, but also the amount of lightening. 

These pesky metals don’t exactly help with strong, resilient, and soft hair. They can play a role in the brittleness of the hair as well. The metal deposits interfere with the oxidation process during the lifting of the hair, so when color refuses to lift, or refuses to lift evenly, you might want to think about the role that metals play in hair.

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Do you share these struggles when lifting hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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