What’s On Your Beauty Labels?


Clean beauty in and of itself is an enigma. But for those who are trying clean beauty for themselves, the labels on beauty products can be a whole new level of confusion. 

As you may know, the United States doesn’t have strict rules for companies when it comes to ingredients in company products. On top of that, the labeling can be extremely misleading and confusing. That’s why we brought in one of the original clean beauty influencers, Laura Ehlers, to help explain some of the intricacies of the clean beauty industry. 

Unique health challenges forced Laura to look deeper at the ingredients in beauty products, so she decided to put her Master’s in Health & Nutrition Education to use in an unexpected way – by teaching those curious about clean products how to become conscious consumers. In addition to sharing routines and reviews. Laura focuses on deciphering beauty product labels and helping each person tailor their own definition of what clean beauty means for themselves. The mission of Laura’s Natural Life is to help individuals ease into a non-toxic lifestyle one step at a time, with an emphasis on clean beauty products.

We talked with Laura to clear up some of the challenges individuals may run into when starting their clean beauty journey, as well as what clean beauty is, her journey as a clean beauty influencer, and some alternatives to botox. 

“I feel like clean beauty is kind of the gateway into a more non-toxic lifestyle. So I like to say I’m really passionate about helping people become a little healthier in fun, unexpected ways.”

“I will say that the label reading does become second nature. I can scan a label in ten seconds and know if it is something I want or not want. It does become easier.”

“So I don’t think there’s this all or nothing approach. I think you certainly can if it’s what you want to do and you’ve weighed your risk versus benefits. But for me it comes down to botox is classified as a neurotoxin and that’s not appealing to me, basically.”

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Madeline Hickey

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