7 Best Hair Wavers for Achieving Perfect Mermaid Waves


Fall may be officially here, but it seems as though we’re all still feeling summer because mermaid waves are as popular as ever. In fact, you’ve probably seen this look trending all over TikTok and with quite a few of your favorite celebs (Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kate Hudson are all fans!). 

While we like to think all of the excitement surrounding Halle Bailey’s upcoming role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid could be to blame for all the interest in achieving mermaid hair recently, according to beauty trend tracker Spate, the desire to attain the dreamy waves has been on the rise for a while now. In fact, searches for triple barrel wavers have grown over 70 percent year over year.

Being that triple barrel waves are the easiest and quickest way to create flawless waves, we took it upon ourselves to round up a few of our favorite options on the market. Ahead, 7 hair wavers to help you get perfect waves. 

Bondi Boost Wave Wand

Featuring three extra large barrels, this Wave Wand has the ability to create mermaid, beachy, or boho waves in seconds. Better yet, its heated ceramic produces negatively charged ions that ensure you get soft, shiny waves without any frizz. 

Promising review from Bondi Boost: Kylie says, “I love this wand and can’t believe how easy and fast it creates beachy waves. I found it so easy to use and I love that it has different heat settings.”

Shop: Bondi Boost (32mm), $57.99

Mermade Hair Pro Waver 

This triple barrel hair waver couldn’t be more suitable for achieving the perfect mermaid waves—after all, it’s by a braid that’s literally called Mermade Hair. What’s great about this tool is that not only is it incredibly easy to use, but it creates big, shiny, bouncy waves in just moments for any length or hair texture. 

Promising review from Mermade Hair: Elizabeth says, “I’ve been on the hunt for a good hair waver that lets your hair shine while giving me beach mermaid vibes and it’s safe to say that I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for! It’s so easy to use, the tongs are massive which is great when you wanna break the waves down for a softer look. It doesn’t frizz your hair which is a huge plus for me.”

Shop: Mermade Hair Pro Waver—1.25” Pink, $79.00

amika High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper

The combination of this hair waver’s three tourmaline barrels and negative ion technology help produce the smoothest, most stunning beach waves around. It has a custom mold that ensures no crease marks on your hair and even has a 30-minute automatic shuffoff option for added safety and peace of mind.

Promising review from Sephora: Tarsha says, “This is the best hair waving iron ever! My hair is thick and straight and this iron gives me beautiful mermaid hair and the waves don’t fall out! I slept on it and it still looks magical! Amika always has the best products!”

Shop: amika High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper, $120.00

Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Original

This waver uses breakthrough, patented technology to create the perfect voluminous mermaid waves. It has a crease-free clamp, heats up to 450 degrees, and has a temperature control.

Promising review from Trademark Beauty: Heather says, “I have thick long hair and this thing actually makes some serious waves. It heats up to 450 which is also great. I recommend the jumbo size if you want waves. I think the smaller sizes just give you ‘80s crimp hair.”

Shop: Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Original, $59.00

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold 3 Barrel Hair Waver

Creating professional waves will be easier than ever with this triple barrel waver. Its pulse technology and 24K gold styling surfect allow the barrels to distribute the heat uniformly, allowing for smoother and longer-lasting styles. And, thanks to its precision heat setting that reaches up to 450˚ F, this tool is totally suitable for any hair type.

Promising review from Ulta: Rae says, “I was a bit nervous to purchase this because I haven’t seen any reviews from fellow black women. I have dense 4A hair and let me tell you… this works like a dream. I sectioned into small pieces, flat ironed, and then used the waving tool. When I tell you I get SO many compliments on my “movie star” hair when I use this.”

Shop: Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold 3 Barrel Hair Waver, $84.99

Insert Name Here Insert Waves Here Deep Waver

Create beautiful beach waves while worrying about heat damage with this hair waver. Its tourmaline ceramic plates not only work to give you lasting waves and smooth, shiny results, but they also help minimize damage as well. Plus, it has an easy to control temperature option and comes with a heat protective glove to keep your fingers from getting burned. 

Promising review from Insert Name Here: Lisa says, “Literally OBSESSED. This is my go-to hot tool when I want to give my hair volume and waves because it is seriously one of the easiest tools to use. A definite lazy girl hair hack. I have short hair and the barrels just about cover the full length of my hair so it takes me no time to get my hair waved. Also, as someone with oilier hair, I find that I can usually squeeze an extra day in-between washes when I use the waver. Even on Day 3, my waves look effortlessly tousled and perfect.”

Shop: Insert Name Here Insert Waves Here Deep Waver, $72.00

Bed Head Wave Affair Jumbo 3 Barrel Ceramic Hair Waver

Whether you want effortless beachy waves or bold s-shape waves, this triple barrel waver does it all. Equipped with tourmaline and ceramic technology, this device has the ability to reduce frizz and produce massive shine as it styles your hair. Not to mention, it features a 30 second heat up, has a cool tip for easy handling, and comes with a heat protective glove for added safety.

Promising review from Ulta: Alyssa says, “I absolutely love this waver. It gives effortless waves in seconds that last for hours! I’ve literally used it every day since I got it in the mail because it saves me so much time in my daily routine.”

Shop: Bed Head Wave Affair Jumbo 3 Barrel Ceramic Hair Waver, $54.99

Product reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Have you tried any of these hair wavers? Let us know!

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