Andis Introduces FLUID Vol. 3 Video Collection Led By International Artistic Lead Kevin Luchmun


If you consider yourself a fan of Andis Company’s ongoing FLUID Series, we’ve got some good news: the beloved barbering brand has added another exciting installment. 

Called FLUID Vol. 3, this step-by-step educational video collection showcases five versatile hairstyles, ranging from a low tapered afro to a modern bowl mullet — all while providing detailed steps and guiding barbers and stylists through each look using Andis clippers and trimmers. Similar to its predecessors FLUID Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, this collection of work was created in partnership with Andis artists. 

Image Courtesy of Andis

For this installment, Andis International Artistic Lead Kevin Luchmun lent his expertise and artistry to create all five of the hairstyles featured in the collection using Andis tools like the iconic Gold Master Cordless Clipper, the ProFoil Lithium Plus Shaver, and GTX-EXO Trimmer. Each of the hairstyles comes with its own video tutorial which shows Luchmun creating and styling the finished look.

“FLUID Vol. 3 is a collection of five unique haircuts working with all types of textures and various lengths. It draws inspiration from around the world, through my travel and doing various shows and seminars,” said Luchmun. “We have worked with a variety of Andis tools to create different haircuts and in each one of these step-by-step videos I’m showing you the techniques to create each specific look.”

Image Courtesy of Andis

For those who aren’t familiar with Luchmun or his work, the award-winning London-based barber, stylist, and photographer is renowned for his blend of traditional barbering and high-end men’s hairdressing. During his formative years, he continuously sought out educational opportunities to further hone his craft and eventually rose through the ranks, earning the position of International Art Director for Toni & Guy where he headed up their men’s education division. His continuous learning and his technical haircutting skills have led him to become a huge inspiration to the industry and a member of the Andis team. 

If you’re a barber or stylist hoping to develop your skills and techniques, the FLUID Vol. 3 video collection couldn’t be more perfect for you. On-demand access for each FLUID Vol. 3 is currently available at (choose the On Demand Video section to find the collection).  Each video is priced at $50.00 and the first look of the series, The London Crop can be found here. The remaining videos in the collection will be released once per week on Tuesday throughout the month of March. Through April 30, 2022 use code ANDISFV3 at checkout for 50% off the Andis Fluid Vol3 video purchase.

To stay in the know about upcoming releases from Andis, be sure to follow @andisclippers on Instagram. And, for more educational resources from the brand, make sure to check out Andis’ new online educational website here

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