Andis Teams Up With Compton Cowboys for New Creator Series


Andis is officially tapping into the power of its creators. The beloved grooming brand will be bringing the inspirational stories of the real individuals who use its products into the spotlight with the launch of its new Creator Series. 

For the first installment of its series, Andis is giving a glimpse into the lives of the Compton Cowboys — a collective of lifelong friends using horseback riding and equestrian culture to positively influence the youth in the Los-Angeles-area city of Compton and highlight the rich legacy of Black cowboys. 

“We are thrilled to highlight Randy Savvy and his crew in our first installment of our Andis Creator Series because they embody everything Andis believes in: family, creativity, community, and, of course, a love for grooming,” said Angie Vlasaty Peterson, the company’s Vice President of Marketing. “Through our partnership we want to demonstrate how creativity and creative expression can make the world a better place and also motivate and inspire others to create their way.”

Through vivid visuals and real-life interviews with many of the group’s members, including Brandon the Barber, Ant Dogg, and program supervisor Kee, the four-and-a-half-minute film dives into how the Compton Cowboys have been able to create a safe alternative to the streets at Richland Farms, reaffirming their long-held motto that the “Streets raised us. Horses saved us.” 

Photo courtesy of Andis

“We’re changing the trajectory of our community just by having the ranch,” said Savvy, Co-Founder of the Compton Cowboys, in the docu-style film.“It’s so rewarding to be involved in your community and have kids look up to you. The kids see you and they want to be like you. It makes you want to be better.”

While much focus is given towards the incredible work the group is doing to help the neighborhood youth connect with nature and learn for the horses, the land, and themselves, the film also touches on how big a role grooming plays in their movement, not just for the horses but also themselves.

Photo courtesy of Andis

“You can tell a lot about a person by how their horse is. We try to make sure the horses are matching our aesthetic as far as being fresh. We love how Andis works for us and the results we get,” said Savvy. “You look good, you feel good, you play good. Our style has definitely positively affected our community in a very impactful way. The fact that we embrace our Compton-ness in our cowboy way, it inspires the city and inspires the youth and the community members to be like, ‘Man, I’m proud to be from Compton.’”

If you’re ready to be inspired by the Compton Cowboy’s incredible story and how they are “creating their own way”, you’ll want to click here to watch the full length video. Trust us, you’ll want to see this one for yourself!

For news regarding the next installment in the Andis Creator Series, be sure to follow @andisclippers on Instagram.

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