Beauty App Supergreat Is Your One Stop Shop for All Things Beauty


In a world full of video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, we’re constantly being served content about all subjects. But one app taking a more niche approach is Supergreat. Originally launched in 2018, the video app provides a space for the beauty community to come together. Featuring product reviews, shopping links, makeup tips and more, Supergreat is truly the perfect app for all beauty lovers.

Supergreat allows users to make their own videos, discover new products and beauty news, watch creators give reviews and discuss routines, redeem points towards free products and shop the brands you love the most.

The Beauty Lover’s Dream

By asking users to share their hair and skin type and color, the app is able to curate the content they’re served. Similar to TikTok, users can even pick what topics they’d like to explore and can subscribe to their favorite content creators. Supergreat even curates playlists of videos for users to enjoy and learn about different beauty techniques and products.

In addition to video content, Supergreat also gives users “supercoins” towards free products and allows them to shop straight from the app. Supercoins can be earned by entering challenges through creating and submitting videos, referring friends to the app, joining live events and winning trivia and, of course, by getting views on original content.

Lively Content

However, the biggest thing that sets Supergreat apart is its focus on livestreaming. Similar to Instagram Live, users are able to comment and interact with the app’s most popular hosts while they speak to their audience. Each stream is different, with subject matter ranging from makeup brush reviews and graphic eye liner tutorials to Q&A’s and product first impressions. The app’s homepage even features a “’Live Show Guide” that promotes each upcoming show.

Most recently, Supergreat has partnered with Ulta Beauty to produce daily livestreams that last anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. Not only do the special streams let users shop straight from, but they include 20 of the app’s biggest hosts and promote exclusive product drops as well. The partnership is currently set to last 14 weeks.

Needless to say, if you’re a beauty lover looking for fun content about products and techniques, Supergreat is perfect for you!

Go to now to download the app and connect with others in the beauty community.

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