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Some of the best beauty trends come from major risks, but not all risks pay off. For every major beauty win there are several beauty fails, and this bang cutting technique is definitely a fail.

Instagram user @respectmyhair posted a video of a woman holding a section of her hair to give herself bangs. With the section combed forward and presumably measured to her desired length, the women proceeds with an electric razor to cut her hair.

Above the video is text that reads, “I wasn’t expecting that end result!” And we’ll admit, when we first saw the video, we thought it would work too. We’ve seen plenty of successful videos of bang cuts using electric razors! Unfortunately, this just was not one of those times…

The result? Arched bangs that are too short and stick straight out.

We can’t act like we’ve never cut our own bangs before – we’ve all been there! But even if we can sympathize, it’s still hard not to cringe every time we see a failed cut. But will that stop us from taking risks? Probably not.