Brand Loyalty – How to Find The Brand Fit For You


Guest Contributor: Adrienne Dara, Redken RTeam, Truss Brand Specialist 

In an industry full of choices, how do you choose your perfect color line match?  

The first salon I ever worked at had a ton of color lines.  As a newbie to the cosmetology world, I remember feeling so intimidated by the amount of color and which line to use.  I remember the Shades EQ cabinet was overwhelming, with endless color choices, additives and enhancers. While working there, I dabbled here and there with shades, but never engulfed myself in it completely.

When I went off on my own years later, something drew me to Redken. Even though I had barely used it, I decided on a whim to bring it into my salon.  Up until that point I had been toning all my clients with cream based color lines, and had never used a gel.  I was immediately hooked.

The shine, the luster, the deposit, it was as if a color line had taken every tone I ever wanted and packaged them up in perfect little 2 oz. bottles.  As I continued to use Shades Eq on my blondes, something magical started to happen… their hair was changing. It was improving, it was more balanced tonality wise, it felt healthier and not as dry, and the color was lasting until their next appointment.  Now with a product that was ammonia free, my clients were more comfortable when processing. Shades EQ actually has conditioning units within the product that are deposited onto your clients hair during the coloring process. It is incredibly hydrating… and hydration equals shine.

My love for Redken products goes beyond Shades Eq.  At Adrienne Dara Hair Salon, we carry Redken Chromatics as well, a protein infused permanent color line that gives 100% coverage and 100% multi-dimensional results.  We carry a variety of Redken Shampoos and styling products, one of my favorites is Redken Color Extend Magnetics, a sulfate-free, color protecting, protein enriched shampoo.

So like I said, in a sea of color choices, how do you find your match?  Well, for me the proof was in the pudding.  I was getting results, I was seeing change and improvement in the quality of my blondes.  My clients were telling me how they would get stopped on the street about the tone of their blonde, the shine of their hair and that was the proof I needed. I had chosen a company that aligned with not only my style of doing hair, but my longterm goals for the integrity of my clients hair as well.  We talk so much in our industry about quality, and to me when I think of Redken color and the Redken culture, this word rings true. Its true what they say “ Quality is the best form of advertising. “

Adrienne Dara

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