Celebrity Hairstylist Monae Everett’s Textured Hairstyles Will Slay Any Holiday Party


Ready or not, the holiday season is here and it’s time to start planning out some gorgeous holiday hair looks for all your clients’ upcoming get-togethers, parties, and festivities. As you know, time of year calls for getting all glammed up. If you’re a stylist who’s struggling to come up with some party-ready hairstyles that are sure to wow your clients, specifically those with textured hair—don’t freak out!

We’ve tapped celebrity hairstylist Monae Everett to share some of the most glamorous textured hairstyles to rock this holiday season. From twisted updos to embellished braided ponytails, these dazzling looks will have your clients looking good (and feeling good) from now until New Year’s Eve.

Keep scrolling for step-by-step tutorials on how to recreate all of Everett’s holiday hairstyles.

Braided Pompadour

“One of the best parts of having coily hair is it’s natural ability to maintain height,” says Everett. To create this beautiful pompadour, start by spraying the hair with Ouidad Coil Reboot Leave-In Mask ($38.00) to ensure the strands remain protected throughout the styling. Next, add the Ouidad Coil Infusion Good Shape Defining Gel ($30.00) to smooth down the hairline. Everett shared that she then tied down the hairline with a velcro and elastic headwrap that stayed in place while she styled the rest of the hair. From there, you’ll want to create a “Y” shape section pattern  and then create two cornrows from the nape of the neck through the center of the head. Then, create finger coils to accentuate the natural coils. Once you’ve dried the hair, feel free to add in some coil clip-ins for additional fullness. Everett used coily clips-ins from Raw Luxury by Lorin. Finish off the look by spraying Ouidad Mongongo Oil ($38.00) for shine and voila—you’ve got one look that’s sure to rack up the compliments at any holiday soiree!

Bantu Knot Mohawk

Some of the boldest styles are the simplest to create, like this totally next-level bantu knot mohawk that Everett created. For this look, you’ll want to begin by spraying damp hair with Ouidad Coil Reboot Leave-In Mask ($38.00). After that, you’ll need to add two large cornrows on each side using Ouidad Coil Infusion Good Shape Defining Gel ($30.00) to keep each strand in place. From there, connect one cornrow on each side to the center. “The top section and nape section were individually placed into ponytails using the Coil Infusion Defining Gel to smooth the hairline,” explains Everett. “For fullness and length, I added kinky hair to the base of each of the four ponytails, then twisted it into a tall bantu knot and secured it with bobby pins. For a finishing touch, spray Ouidad Mongongo Oil ($38.00) for shine and slay those edges with the Ouidad 3-in-1 Brush ($15.00). And, don’t forget to add some crystal hair accessories to the style for a little razzle dazzle!

Braided Afro

“While an afro is celebratory unto itself, I thought of a way to spice it up for the holidays,” says Everett. The results? A ridiculously chic braided afro with pearl embellishments! To achieve this look, Everett recommends that you start by spraying damp hair with Ouidad Coil Reboot Leave-In Mask ($38.00). Next, create a spiral section from the center of the scalp toward the hairline. Then, add six large cornrows using Ouidad Coil Infusion Good Shape Defining Gel ($30.00) to keep each strand in place, making sure to leave the ends loose. “For added fullness, I used Raw Luxury By Lorin coily clip-ins,” explains Everett. “I picked out the hair extensions for it to blend into the model’s natural coils. I also backcombed the hair to accentuate the rounded shape for the afro.” To finish, spray the Ouidad Mongongo Oil ($38.00) for shine and add some flat pearl hair accessories across the sections for decor.

Infinity Bantu Knot

Why opt for regular bantu knots when you can create this gorgeous sculptural version instead? Trust us, it’s a lot easier than it looks. To start, Everett refreshed day-old curls by adding Ouidad Curl Shaper Bounce Back Reactivating Mist ($24.00) and layering it with Curl Shaper Out of Thin (H)air Volumizing Jelly ($26.00) and finger coiling the hair. Next, divide the hair from ear to ear and create four ponytails. “I used Ouidad Coil Infusion Good Shape Defining Gel ($30.00) to secure the ponytails, added coarse hair extensions to each ponytail, and used the Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum ($20.00) to blend the hair together,” explains Everett. “Next, I twisted down the ponytail into a bantu knot and added the ends to the next ponytail before it was put into a bantu knot.” After the remainder of the hair has dried, Everett recommends adding coily clip-ins (she used Raw Luxury by Lorin)  for added length and fullness. 

Twisted Updo

You can’t go wrong with a pretty updo this holiday season, especially one as stunning as this geometric twisted style that Everett created. To begin, she used Sebastian Professional No.Breaker Leave-In Bonding Spray ($34.00) on her curly hair model, as she often uses hot tools on her hair. Next, she used Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte ($15.92) and layered it with Sebastian Professional Gel Forte ($18.96) and formed two ponytails. “Within each ponytail, I added two braids each with the help of Sebastian Professional Dark Oil ($48.00) to smooth any flyaways,” says Everett. After that, the braids were pinned into a bun and Everett pinned in multiple faux locs to cover the braided buns and added pre-braided hair to vary the texture of the style.

Will you be trying out any of the holiday hairstyles? Let us know in the comments below!

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