Clean Textured Haircare Brand Strands of Faith Just Announced a Major Rebrand


After six years of nourishing both the hair and souls of its customers, clean haircare brand Strands of Faith is undergoing a strategic revamp.

As part of its new look, Strands of Faith will be introducing a new logo and enhanced packaging to better spotlight the brand’s botanically-powered ingredients such as kukui, babassu, baobab, fenugreek, amla, and hibiscus. Additionally, this new packaging will feature inspirational messaging on every label.

“We are excited to embark on this new chapter,” says Ameka Coleman, Founder and CEO of Strands of Faith. “Our rebrand is not just a change in appearance but a renewed commitment to our holistic approach to healthy hair.”

The brand recently unveiled its updated look during a live rebrand launch event that took place on July 8th on Youtube. Strands of Faith’s community, partners, and supporters were invited to join the brand for an exclusive first look.

A Brand That’s About More Than Hair

For those unaware, textured hair has historically not been considered the standard of beauty and many major hair care manufacturers have often failed to provide effective solutions for the health and growth of textured hair. In fact, most mainstream hair products are formulated for oilier, non-textured hair types and contain ingredients that dehydrate textured hair and lead to breakage.

Strands of Faith was founded in 2018 by Coleman out of her struggle to find products that could maintain moisture for longer than a day. Equipped with a background in microbiology and clinical research, she was able to develop a proprietary line of formulas that moisture and hydrate texture. These formulas that she created are free of harmful chemicals, such as sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, paraffin, and phthalates.

Ameka Coleman, Founder/CEO of Strands of Faith, showcasing the line of clean hair care products for textured hair. Image courtesy of Strands of Faith

For Coleman, Strands of Faith is about “more than hair.” She shares that the brand exists to encourage women each time they pick up a Strands of Faith product. 

“A woman’s hair often impacts her self-esteem and studies show that women with textured hair, among other things, are twice as likely to experience microaggressions in the workplace,” says Coleman. “Strands of Faith believes all strands should be celebrated. Thus, we want to daily affirm the girls and women (and boys and men) who use our products and remind them that they and their hair are beautiful.”

Considered to be her customers’ chief advocate, Coleman says she is on a mission to support and celebrate their God-given strands.

“We’ve entered our sixth year. It’s been a long faith journey, but I’m so grateful to be able to offer a more elevated brand experience,” shared Coleman. “I look forward to impacting more individuals worldwide—not just by providing exceptional products, but by adding joy to our customers’ lives and inspiring the confidence to find faith within to overcome life’s most difficult challenges. Through Strands of Faith, I am blessed to live this mission. This is purpose-filled work.”

To learn more about Strands of Faith, be sure to visit or follow @strandsoffaith on Instagram.

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