Clear the Air with These 7 Air Purifiers From Amazon


If you’re in California, like us, chances are you’re being affected by the fires raging up and down the entire west coast. With 26 major wildfires burning in California alone, air quality has become unhealthy for most residents and a top concern. There are many ways to help reduce your exposure to the smoky air, like staying inside, wearing the appropriate face coverings and investing in an air purifier. Air purifiers are stronger than your normal air conditioning filters, working to remove pollutants to produce cleaner, more breathable air.

Here are seven air purifiers from Amazon that will help clear the smoke.

Levoit Core

Levoit’s Core Air Purifier removes contaminants, revitalizes air and works best in rooms up to 215 Sq. ft. For just $99.99, the air you breathe will be fresher and cleaner. Click here to purchase.

Promising review: Lin says, “This air purifier is beyond my imagination. Quiet, high-end, high-tech and suitable for children at home.”

Avari 600

The Avari 600 is another purifier that will get the job done. It works well in larger spaces, preserves energy and is almost completely silent. Shop it here for $145.95.

Promising review: Justine says, “This is the best air purifier I have ever owned! It is looks sleek and really works well. I highly recommend this product.”

Molekule Air Mini

Another air purifier working to cleanse your space is the Air Mini from Molekule. For $399, this fan is super easy to use, has five speeds to choose from and can be controlled right from your phone. Get it here.

Promising review: Shelby says, “The product is great for families. It is quiet and compact. Plus, it’s small enough to take with you when traveling.”

Blueair Classic

BlueAir’s Classic Air Purifier clears your home’s air of allergies, dust, smoke and odors. Plus, it monitors air quality in real time, is Alexa compatible and costs $689. Click here to buy.

Promising review: Stephanie says, “This air purifier is great. It’s a little expensive, but I’ve had it running for the past 6 years without ever turning it off and it’s still going strong.”

IQAir Atem

Another must-buy air purifier is IQAir’s Atem. Made for personal use, it’s great for smaller spaces like a bedroom, a dorm or an office. Buy it here for $399.

Promising review: Jessica says, “We bought this unit to purify the smoky air, and it worked very well. It’s very well-made.”

Rabbit Air BioGS

Rabbit Air’s BioGS Purifier looks sleek, is virtually silent and clears air at double the speed of a regular purifier. Not to mention, it saves energy and uses a four-stage filtration process. Click here to purchase for $399.95

Promising review: Trey says, “Very high-quality air purifier. Impressed with the low noise level, even on high setting. Filters are easy to access, and controls are easy to operate.”

Dyson Pure Cool

Last but not least, Dyson’s Pure Cool Tower works as a high-powered fan and purifier. It automatically monitors air quality and reacts appropriately, leaving behind cleaner, healthier air. Get it here for $499.99.

Promising review: Danielle says, “This thing really keeps the air clean. Recommend for use in the living room, master bedroom and such.”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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