Diverse Styles, Masterful Talent: JCPenney Master Stylist Chantay Carey Tells All 



Like many stylists, Chantay Carey’s love for hair began early, becoming her own stylist at the brilliant age of seven. Nearly two years ago, fate, which was disguised as a trip to the mall with her children, steered her back into the salon world at JCPenney Salons + Beauty. There, her natural talent for crafting stunning styles on natural and textured hair propelled her from Designer Stylist to Master Stylist in a mere six months.

At JCPenney Salons, Chantay loves the camaraderie and collaborative spirit that define the salon environment. The supportive culture comes naturally at JCPenney and allows stylists to continuously grow on the latest techniques, skills, and industry trends. Stylists learn from one another and work together to provide the best possible experience for every client. 

“Everybody speaks to everybody. We’re all very personable, friendly, and welcoming. If there’s something we can not do, we will recommend somebody else who can do it.” 

With JCPenney’s dedication to increasing diversity within their salon spaces, Chantay experiences firsthand the growth that starts at the heart of the salon. Embracing diversity in stylist expertise and service offerings not only expands their reach but also ensures every client feels valued and catered to.

“When you think about JCPenney, to be honest, you are not really thinking about textured hair. And so, with diversity, comes growth. You can reach a bigger demographic of people.”

The salon’s approach begins at the reception desk, “You call and you want to know “Hey, do you guys offer cornrows, or twists, or silk presses?” It’s helpful for the receptionist to know what kind of services and make the client comfortable with the kind of services we provide.”

JCPenney Salons has provided the perfect opportunity for Chantay to be both a super stylist and super mom. While there are always ebbs and flows to balancing both talents, JCPenney Salons offers the flexibility and unwavering support to bring Chantay’s talent to the forefront. 

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Alyssa Santos

Alyssa Santos is an intern at The Tease. She is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studies marketing, graphic design, and digital studies. Alyssa enjoys channeling her creativity through innovative marketing strategies and both physical and digital art– but is also passionate about expressing her artistic side through makeup and hair.

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