Global DJ Peggy Gou is Authentic Beauty Concept’s New Global Ambassador


Already a world-renowned DJ, record producer, artist, and style icon, Peggy Gou, can now officially add global ambassador to her resume. 

As of this April, Gou has been tapped for a year-long collaboration as the global face of holistic premium hair care brand, Authentic Beauty Concept. As part of this partnership, various exclusive promotions will launch throughout the year including: exciting campaigns—in and out of the salon—such as festival, fashion week, and art collaborations, how-to styling inspiration, a limited-edition Christmas product drop, and so much more. 

Image Courtesy: Authentic Beauty Concept

Meet Peggy Gou

With her transcendent music, boundary-pushing fashion, and creative nature, Gou couldn’t be a more perfect partner for Authentic Beauty Concept. According to the brand, she wonderfully embodies their ethos of self-expression and the beauty in being who you truly are. 

Born in South Korea and raised in Berlin, Gou has traveled across the globe to bring her music to the masses—playing the likes of Coachella and various festivals across Europe, South America, and Asia. For her, the music scene gives people the freedom to truly be who they are—no matter where they come from, which is an outlook that perfectly aligns with Authentic Beauty Concept’s values.

Image Courtesy: Authentic Beauty Concept

“What the brand Authentic Beauty Concept stands for is the same as what I stand for. I feel we share the same motto—being authentic and sustainable—and I like the fact that all ingredients are vegan and natural,” says Gou, on working with the brand. “Authentic beauty starts with accepting yourself and knowing yourself…There is no right or wrong as long as you feel comfortable with that, and as long as you love it.”

Not only known for her music, she’s also an artist and fashion designer. Gou studied at the London College of Fashion and founded luxury streetwear label, KIRIN, as well as collaborated with top fashion house, Louis Vuitton. Plus, she strongly values creativity, making eco-conscious choices, and sustainability—the latter being a subject also close to the Authentic Beauty Concept as well. Gou previously collaborated with Space Available, a Bali-based creative platform and ecological design studio, on a chair made from 100% recycled plastic.

Authentic Beauty Concept x Peggy Gou Collaboration

Along with the announcement of Gou’s new partnership, Authentic Beauty Concept has released a brand campaign featuring the DJ sporting hair looks created by brand stylist advocates, Hester Wernert-Rijin and Said Rubaii.  During the brand shoot in Berlin, Gou’s creative vision was brought to life across 4 different lifestyle areas personal to her and the brand: Tranquility, Clarity, Balance, and Community.

Image Courtesy: Authentic Beauty Concept

With each theme, a different look and hairstyle was crafted to show how hair is an authentic form of self-expression and how for Gou, it’s an expression of her mood. During “Tranquility” a calming modern lake house is depicted, while for “Clarity” it’s about savoring mindful moments over coffee, or fika. “Balance” shows how Gou likes to keep a clear head-in-between shows, often using tennis as an outlet. Finally, “Community” brings her love of art center stage, with an exciting private exhibition. 

To keep up-to-date with the Authentic Beauty Concept x Peggy Gou collaboration, be sure to follow Gou via @peggygou_ on Instagram and connect with Authentic Beauty Concept via on Instagram and through the #authenticbeautymovement  hashtag. 

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