Hairtalk Introduces Advanced Bond-Preserving Technology, Upgraded Weft Quality, and New Eco-Friendly Packaging to Its Hair Extensions


Just when we thought we couldn’t love hairtalk even more than we already do, the brand went and made their already impressive range of hair extensions even better.

As of this month, the professional hair extension brand has rolled out a number of groundbreaking advancements—including an upgraded weft quality and design, new packaging, and a new hair extension technology known as Advanced Bond-Preserving Light Technology.

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“Since the beginning of hairtalk, we have been committed to offering versatile hair that helps stylists transform their hair extension business and increase their income potential,” said John Costanza, President for hairtalk and Group Vice President of Professional Brands for Beauty Industry Group. “With these latest innovations, hairtalk remains committed to delivering a premium experience from start to finish, while continuing to offer complete customization based on clients’ needs.”

Keep scrolling for a closer look at these new launches, and what they mean for your favorite hairtalk extensions going forward.

Upgraded Weft Quality + Design

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In alignment with their commitment to premium quality, hairtalk has upgraded the quality and design of their Weft Hair Extensions. These 100% Virgin Remy human hair extensions are now meticulously crafted with the cuticle intact and sealed for optimal durability while also offering a double-drawn design to ensure uniform hair direction. But that’s now all—the brand has also expanded the weft assortment of products by offering a more unique array of options for stylists to choose from.   

New Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Hairtalk’s dedication to innovation doesn’t just stop at their hair extensions. It also extends to their packaging, too. The brand has introduced new premium display-ready packaging that is crafted from 85% recycled materials and recyclable cardboard, to offer an enhanced experience for stylists and their clients. 

Advanced Bond-Preserving Light Technology

Many times when companies manufacture hair extensions, the bonds can be damaged by chemical treatment in the production process. In an effort to provide the highest quality product to stylists and clients, hairtalk has unveiled its newest innovation: Advanced Bond-Preserving Light Technology. This cutting-edge, science-based processing technique is tailored to provide upgraded extension quality and address some of the quality issues in the hair extension industry.

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The beauty of hairtalk’s Advanced Bond-Preserving Light Technology is that it maximizes disulfide-bond stability, which works to hold proteins together in the hair. This technique, which seeks to boost the durability of the Remy hair extensions, also helps to maintain the integrity of the hair’s structure by gently and slowly lifting the pigment to preserve disulfide bonds in the hair. And when combined with an exclusive proprietary formula that protects each hair fiber, this new technology reinforces the structure and elasticity of the extension, reducing the risk of split ends and breakage. 

Thanks to this bond-preserving technology which enhances the quality of hairtalk’s hair extensions, stylists can offer soft, shiny, and healthier-looking hair to their clients while also allowing them to extend the longevity of their extensions with proper maintenance. For any stylist hoping to experience this technology for themself, it is available for all hairtalk products, including Weft Hair Extensions, Tape-In Extensions, and Keratin Bond Extensions.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on hairtalk extensions, they are currently available on And for the latest information on the brand, be sure to follow @hairtalkusa on Instagram. 

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