I Tried the Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum — Here are My Honest Thoughts


I think we can all agree there are few beauty topics more important than the quest for a head full of healthy hair. I know I am not alone in this journey to rebuild my hair to its once youthful glorious luster. Though this uphill climb can be deeply personal and bio-individual, it’s possible many of us can benefit from a highly effective serum to offer a boost in hope and in real regrowth.    

Grow Gorgeous is an intelligent hair care brand that focuses on helping you to regrow your hair. Their products are designed to nourish your scalp and promote hair regrowth, while also helping to protect hair from everyday damage. Hair damage that many of us have experienced from split ends, excessive heat, color damage, chemical damage and hair loss. I will be sharing my full experience using Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum.    

What’s It All About

The Grow Gorgeous Original Hair Density Serum wakes up the hair roots with a stimulating boost and reinvigorates hair for a full-bodied appearance.  Each hair strand may appear up to 13% thicker with a luscious glossy shine.  You can expect healthier, thicker and more voluminous hair in as soon as 4 weeks. 

So, what’s in it that produces a healthy boost to our hair? Grow Gorgeous hair density serum is powered by caffeine and active ingredients such as Organic Pea Sprout Extract to stimulate the roots. Other ingredients work synergistically together to wake up our hair follicles like Chinese Scullcap, soy, and wheat sprouts. Larch Tree, Green Tea Blend and caffeine are used to reenergize the scalp as well.  And while we’re familiar with Hyaluronic Acid for our skincare routine, it is also immensely effective at adding and retaining moisture for hair that has a silky soft finish.

What this serum doesn’t have are ingredients such as gluten, parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, or mineral oil. So, I felt safe to use this serum on a daily basis.

My Experience

My experience has been very positive using this serum. In 30 days, I had noticeable hair growth in length, but most importantly I am showing many new hair sprouts! The product itself is quite simple to use and offers flexibility as to when it’s applied. Their professional advice is to apply at night before bed on either washed, damp hair or simply just dry hair.  I experimented with a couple different applications, but applying it during my morning routine was the easiest.  I apply it to dry or damp hair, let it soak in for a few minutes and then use the blow dryer on low-heat to style my hair.  

What also contributed to the success of this product was not only the active ingredients, but the consistent routine I used.  Like anything you want to see results from, you must stick with it!   A revelation that many of us come to is that if a new routine is added then it must be easy to do and that’s exactly what I experienced.  Adding a few extra minutes investing in my hair, my self-confidence and confidence in the serum increased.    

As for the price, compared to other hair serums on the market this one won’t break the bank at just over $1 per day.  It’s likely that most of us spend more on a cup of coffee! I used the 30ML bottle at the purchase price of $35. It certainly was a worthwhile and low-cost investment for myself.     

So even though our collective health journeys are multifaceted and look quite different from each other, by adding this mini miracle worker it just may be the help you need.  My personal quest to achieve fuller hair is being accomplished, one new, thicker hair sprout at a time.

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Brooke Helene

Brooke is a long-time lover of all things beauty, nature and wellness, and since
becoming a mom, her world has been opened up to finding the cleanest yet most
effective products on the market.  As a former educator she is combining her love for
researching and teaching to share her reviews with those who are wanting to take
simple and small steps to living a heathier lifestyle!

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