Inside Pulp Riot’s New Industrial-Chic Office


Pulp Riot is known for delivering extraordinary vibrant colors with its portfolio of cutting-edge products. So, it only makes sense that the L’Oréal USA brands’s new Encino, California offices would share this same creative vision. Part office, part photo studio, and part hair salon, Pulp Riot recently tasked award-winning international design firm Ware Malcomb with transforming their 6,600 sq. ft Los Angeles headquarters into an industrial-chic office space. The office will act as a training facility for stylists around the country to be able to visit and learn how to create innovative hairstyles with Pulp Riot’s products.

“This is a company with a very distinct brand, and we wanted the interior design to showcase that brand and tell a story throughout the space,” said Alicia Zara, Director of Interior Architecture & Design for Ware Malcomb’s Los Angeles office. “In working closely with the team at L’Oreal and Pulp Riot, we created an environment where the company’s branding could speak for itself in a space that inspires innovation and creativity for employees and visitors alike.”

When designing the office, Ware Malcomb looked for opportunities to create contrast in the space by using a minimalistic color scheme. From the dark ceilings to the shades of black, white, and greys paired with the simple white walls, all were selected to better highlight the graphic artwork seen throughout the offices. All of the statement graphics that decorate the walls come courtesy of a graffiti artist who also works on Pulp Riot’s branding and packaging.

The Malcomb team peppered the space with nods to Pulp Riot’s popular hair color products. All of the conference rooms were designed around the names and color tones of the brand’s vibrant dyes. Even the furniture colors were selected to tie in with Pulp Riot’s overall branding.

Currently, no changes have been made to the office design to account for social distancing as a result of the on-going coronavirus pandemic, according to Marissa Matthews, the Director of Events and Relationships at Pulp Riot. All employees are working from home for the time being.

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