Lord Jones Releases New CBD Gumdrops Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

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If you’re nervous about your big date or looking for a way to treat yourself this V-Day day, look no further. Grab the new, limited edition hemp-derived CBD Gumdrops from celebrity fave Lord Jones.

Known for their ability to help with anxiety and stress, these CBD infused gummies not only taste good, but they’ll make you feel good too.

Whether you’re practicing self-care or trying to calm your first date jitters, these gumdrops are a perfect combination of soothing and sweet.

The passion fruit flavored gumdrops spark your senses in a magical way, while the red raspberry gumdrop in the center is a delightful pop of color. It’s rich with deep berry flavor and includes the slightest hint of sour.

The gumdrops will be available through February 14th and are $50 per box. Get your new favorite gumdrops now at www.lordjones.com.