Manifest Positive Vibes with Madhappy’s Optimistic Loungewear


One brand working towards making the world a more positive place is apparel company Madhappy. Founded in 2017 by Peiman and Noah Raf, Joshua Sitt and Mason Spector, Madhappy cultivates a community through fashionable loungewear and an online space dedicated to mental health.

With a goal to make the world a happier place, Madhappy offers good vibes through products, pop-up shops and digital experiences. The lifestyle brand not only sells clothing but they prioritize mental health because “sometimes we’re mad. Sometimes we’re happy. However, in spite of this all, or maybe because of it all, we can always be Madhappy.”

Fashionable Optimism

Madhappy brings optimism to fashion to ensure that people practice positivity in their day-to-day lives. Their loungewear includes everything from hoodies and sweatpants to bike shorts and beanies. Adorned with the brand’s name, each piece of clothing is meant to remind wearers to embrace the ups and downs of life and realize that the “highs” are most important.

In addition to the online store, Madhappy also offers an immersive experience through pop-up shops where customers can purchase items and get a positive shopping experience in person. Pop-up locations have included Los Angeles, New York City and even Aspen, Colorado.

The Local Optimist

On top of offering high-quality apparel, Madhappy also provides a space to discuss mental health in an effective way. The brand’s publication, The Local Optimist brings awareness to their audience, providing resources for mental health, tips for getting involved in your local communities and spotlighting people making waves in the mental health space. Along with the website, The Local Optimist has a carefully curated Instagram account that acts as an extension of the publication. Posts include encouraging words, mental health information and inspiring stories.

Needless to say, Madhappy is making waves in the fashion industry. And by wearing their clothes, you too are putting a little positivity back into the world.

Click here to browse the line. And be sure to follow Madhappy on Instagram for more.

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