Meet JCPenney Beauty + Salon’s New Professional Team Managers Edward Albert and Emily Baker



JCPenney Beauty + Salon’s talented hairstylists and makeup artists are a large part of what makes the beauty hub so outstanding. That’s why we were particularly excited to hear that the brand recently appointed two new team members to be Professional Team Managers for its Beauty and Salon spaces: Edward Albert and Emily Baker. Both experts in their respective fields, Albert and Baker will work to ensure that JCPenney Beauty + Salon maintains its position as a leader in trends and quality in professional beauty, hair, and customer service.

Edward Albert, Professional Team Manager for JCPenney Salon. Image courtesy of JCPenney Beauty + Salon

“We are excited to add two new team members to JCPenney Beauty + Salon, our Professional Team Managers, Emily Baker for Beauty, and Edward Albert for Salon,” said James Gable, Director of Beauty + Salon Services and Experiences at JCPenney. “Emily and Edward will act as Ambassadors for Beauty + Salon by supporting photo shoots, training and education, social engagement, and community events. They will also provide trend direction to our Trainers and ensure that JCPenney Beauty + Salon is a leader in artistry and service. Emily and Edward will help establish JCPenney Beauty + Salon as a true head-to-toe beauty destination that is on-trend and in-touch with the needs of the diverse customers that we serve.”

Emily Baker, Professional Team Manager for JCPenney Beauty. Image courtesy of JCPenney Beauty + Salon

The Tease caught up with both Albert and Baker for an exclusive interview offering insights into their respective careers, and how they each hope to approach their new roles as Professional Team Managers for JCPenney Beauty + Salon.

The Tease: Can you share with us a brief overview of your experience at JCPenney specifically, as well as in the professional beauty space overall?

Edward Albert: During my first week of employment with JCPenney, I attended America’s Beauty Show in Chicago, where I had the opportunity to interview the founders of Shades by Shan, which is a makeup line that we carry at JCPenney Beauty. Since then, I have had so many wonderful and fulfilling experiences. I’ve had the chance to do hair for the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Month celebrations at the corporate office and at Southern Methodist University. I recently attended the North American Hairstyling Awards in Orlando, Florida in support of our Beauty + Salon teams, who were nominated. I had the opportunity to shoot our first ad campaign in a photo shoot for the upcoming homecoming and Halloween season at the corporate office, along with Emily and the rest of the pro beauty team. Additionally, I recently was able to attend the Redken Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee with the salon training team. And in collaboration with my fellow ProTeam manager Emily as well as various influencers, I have been able to host and film content for both JCPenney Beauty + Salon. 

Emily Baker: My 19-year tenure with JCPenney began when I moved to Los Angeles, CA while attending college for Fashion Design and Merchandising, and landed a position as a beauty consultant for Fashion Fair Cosmetics.This is when I knew that makeup would be a part of my career journey.

In 2005, I was promoted to a store training supervisor role, in which I led the onboarding and training of over 100 store associates for JCPenney. While I love the impact that I made in this role, I was missing beauty. In 2006, I was informed that Sephora was opening in JCPenney stores, so I applied for the Sephora Manager position at my local JCPenney store and accepted an offer after waiting for six months. I hired a dream team, and we became amongst the top 10 performing locations across the fleet. In 2012, I was offered an opportunity that changed my life: I accepted a promotion to Sephora Field Operations Manager. I brought success to this role through my passion for developing talent and a love for all things beauty.

I spent a decade in the store field organization, leading store teams in retail operations, visual merchandise standards, driving sales, developing talent, and recruiting.My most recent role was the Manager of Salon and Beauty Experiences, supporting the connection between our brands, products, services, and our customers’ experiences in store and digitally. This has included company events, community events, and writing content for event guides. 

A peek at JCPenney Beauty Professional Team Manager Emily Baker’s impressive portfolio of work. Image courtesy of Emily Baker

What experiences and skills do you have that make you uniquely qualified to lead a team in the professional beauty industry at JCPenney?

Albert: With over 24 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, I possess a deep understanding of the latest trends, techniques, and products. My experience at JCPenney specifically has equipped me with knowledge of the company’s values, customer base, and salon operations. I’ve managed teams, trained stylists, and developed marketing strategies to drive sales growth. My expertise in beauty consulting, product knowledge, and customer service enables me to lead a team to success.

Baker: My career journey has provided me an opportunity to continue to grow my passion for makeup artistry, with a deep appreciation to listen to our customers’ needs and celebrate their beauty. I have had the pleasure and fortune to work with an amazing caliber of talented artists, brands, connect with influencers, and lead beauty teams for years. In addition, I’ve had mentors who believed in me and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take risks! Recently, I’ve been writing content and planning beauty events incorporating trends and keeping the pulse on social media influence. 

What excites you the most about the opportunity to start the JCPenney Beauty + Salon Professional Team Manager team, and how do you envision contributing to its success as a leader in the professional beauty industry?

Albert: I’m excited to be a part of  the JCPenney Beauty + Salon Professional Team Manager team because I can leverage my skills to drive business growth, develop talent, and enhance customer experiences. I envision contributing to the team’s success by fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and continuous learning.

Baker: It truly excites me to be a part of a team that believes in making beauty approachable, inclusive, and affordable for everyone. I envision contributing to its success by keeping focus on who the JCPenney customer is and collaborating to build a very engaging experience where our customer feels inspired and falls in love with a new product that they never knew they needed!

Edward Albert, Professional Team Manager for JCPenney Salon, adds finishing touches to a model’s hair look. Image courtesy of JCPenney Beauty + Salon

How do you stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry, and how will you incorporate this knowledge into your role as a Professional Team Manager?

Albert: To stay updated on industry trends, I attend conferences, workshops, and product launches. I also engage with industry leaders, follow beauty influencers, and read trade publications. As a Team Manager, I’ll share my knowledge with the team, provide training and workshops, and encourage attendance at industry events. 

Baker: I pull from everywhere. Having a lifelong passion for beauty and fashion, I follow fashion and beauty icons, global makeup artists, influencers, and always seek what’s trending in media and on the street from head-to-toe.

JCPenney has a diverse customer base. How would you tailor the salon’s offerings and services to cater to the unique needs and preferences of different demographic groups?

Albert: To cater to JCPenney’s diverse customer base, I will recommend salon offerings and services aligned with customer and stylist feedback. On my social channels, I will provide product recommendations based on individual customer needs and hair type.

Baker: Many of the answers come from our stylists and what their clients are asking. Combining what’s trending in the industry and tailoring to their beauty needs, provides a way to cater to our client and keep their look fresh.

Emily Baker, Professional Team Manager for JCPenney Beauty, works backstage on a model. Image courtesy of JCPenney Beauty + Salon

JCPenney Beauty + Salon aims to be a one-stop destination for beauty needs. How would you expand the salon’s offerings to encompass a wider range of services or products while maintaining quality and consistency?

Albert: One of the ways that I plan on achieving this is by focusing on educational opportunities, for example, hosting workshops or masters classes related to beauty and wellness. In doing so, we can teach customers product knowledge and how to style their hair as well as maintain it. These offerings will not only add value but also help to build loyalty. I also believe in collaborating with local influencers or beauty bloggers, who can help promote the salon and its offerings to a wider audience through social media. Lastly, I would like to continuously gather feedback from customers as well as the salon team across the country to improve offerings and host profitable events that drive traffic to JCPenney Beauty + Salon. 

Baker: Continuously listening to and learning what our clients want. We’ve launched facial services in our Salon that connect our clients to the Beauty space. We also created a bounce back card to offer clients a discount in Salon and Beauty to encourage shopping and being serviced in both spaces. I believe expanding the service experience in the salon from hair to face in JCPenney Beauty is a huge point of difference that sets us apart from our competition. 

To learn more about JCPenney Beauty + Salon, including available job opportunities, be sure to visit their website.

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