New Beginnings


In a world that has come to a complete halt, how can we move forward? As hairstylists, we thrive off of connecting with people and creating hair artistry. However, these changes to our careers and our lives have left many of us feeling depressed, stuck, afraid and overall uninspired.

Now, we can only see half of our clients’ faces; some states are going sans blowouts and most stylists are on a time limit with guests. These things, among others, often stifle our creativity. Still, we remain strong and passionate. No matter how many restrictions they may place on us, we still show up 100% because we care so deeply about our clients!

So, where does that leave us? It leads to a place of new beginnings—which can be pretty magical if you’re open to it. Now is the time to give everything a face lift—be intentional and be purposeful, rethink your brand, and find ways to stimulate client growth. During this challenging time, I focused on keeping myself inspired.

I started early on refining my craft and working on some creative cut and color projects I had been wanting to try. I loved having the time to be able to do that while in lockdown, but as time went on I was missing connecting with people. So, I shifted gears and started reaching out to my peers and other stylists I follow who inspire me. Talking to like-minded stylists and brainstorming new ideas with them was so energizing for me! Collectively, I felt like we were all coming together and creating a new and innovative approach for what’s next.

This had sparked an idea in me. What if I created a string of videos called “Non-Essential, Essential Conversations?” The series would highlight stylists from all over the world, having them speak on different topics impacting our industry and share their passion for the craft as well as their hopes for the future. 

 As the project gained momentum,  I found that not only was it giving me a sense of purpose but it was giving those who contributed a creative outlet during a time where there wasn’t much going on. Not to mention, coming together with these stylists helped me so much and I think, in turn, we all ended up helping each other. This video project created a ripple effect, inspiring many new passion projects throughout the group. For me, creating this project was truly turning a dream of mine into a reality and I couldn’t be more thankful to my friends @a.p.p.a.r.i.t.i.o.n  for helping me.

Staying still during this time has definitely been difficult for me, as I’m used to constantly being on-the-go. But, it’s not often you get the gift of time. Finding ways to nurture my creative side during quarantine has led me down all kinds of new and different paths. Although, these are tough times that we are all going through, I think your perspective is your superpower. You have to find a way to grow even when things are at a standstill —that way you’re prepared for anything.

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Jamie Millmather

Jamie Millmather is a stylist and salon owner based out of Providence, RI. Her passion lies in continuing education and teaching others. She is a Wella Master Color expert, master stylist, and a brand educator.


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