Olivia Garden’s New CurlyHair Brush Collection is Designed With Different Curl Patterns in Mind


Beloved hair tools brand  Olivia Garden®  just launched a set of brushes with curly hair care as a priority. The new collection’s three new brushes and pick comb are each engineered with the specific needs of varying curl types in mind—a breath of fresh air from the usual one-size-fits-all hair brush approach to curly hair. 

The brand worked for four years to create a collection that provides all curly-haired customers with easy to handle-tools regardless of expertise. The brushes feature finger-brush design, a retractable sectioning pick to separate the hair, and a large enough head that manages large sections of hair – without damaging your curls and can be held by either the head or handle. The scalp hugging shape of the brushes also makes them perfect for scalp massages, which can promote hair growth and relaxation. 

Image courtesy of Olivia Garden

The pick comb features a seamless design with no connection points. As for the three brushes? They are made for wavy-curly, curly, curly-coily hair and differ in size, shape, and spacing to optimize the process of detangling, separating, and shaping curl patterns, all while enhancing speed and efficiency. 

Anne Maza, Co-Owner of Olivia Garden expressed how thrilled she is to introduce the CurlyHair™ Collection and usher in a new era for unique curl care, “our goal was to create brushes that ensure everyone can achieve beautiful, healthy curls effortlessly. This collection is a game-changer for both consumers and professionals.”

Keep scrolling for a closer look at tools in the CurlyHair™ Collection.

The Wide Bristle Brush

The Wide Bristle brush works perfectly for curly to coily hair types 3B-4C. Living up to its name, the tool’s head features wide, pointed, cone-shaped bristles that allow the brush to enter tight curl patterns and coils. The stiffer bristle makes it easier to navigate high-density hair while providing flexibility for sensitive strands.

The Dual Bristle Brush

The mint colored Dual Bristle Brush is designed for curly hair types 2C-4A and features a mix of short and long bristles that can reach the full curl and a denser bristle head for additional tension. 

The Single Bristle Brush

The Single Bristle Brush, for wavy to curly hair types 2A-3A, is designed with uniform bristle length, width, and flexibility to separate and detangle. The pink brush is perfect to achieve definition in looser curl patterns. 

The Olivia Garden CurlyHair™ Pick Comb

The Olivia Garden CurlyHair™ Pick Comb is the brand’s “modern take on a staple for textured hair,” formulated for all curly hair types, the spaced pointed teeth comb will help you enter and separate the curl in no time, and the secure handle allows for mobility to create an effortless curl lift and definition. 

The new Curly Hair Collection is currently available for purchase on Olivia Garden’s website and at a list of select Olivia Garden retailers. For more updates surrounding the collection, be sure to follow on Olivia Garden®’s Instagram.  

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