Redefining Beauty For A Time Such As This


Never has there been a time quite like this, at least in my lifetime, for the need and opportunity to redefine how the world thinks about beauty. As leaders in the beauty industry, we have a responsibility to determine how we will imprint, showcase and connect this to our clients, communities and one another in this changing world.

Let’s start small, with what’s in front of us and in our hands. Each person that sits in our chair is not just a client, but a lovely human being grappling with everything 2020 has thrown at us. Their hair may have gotten to an unhealthy state or be overgrown.

Of course, we’ll work our magic in that area. But, that doesn’t have to be our sole purpose. Many of our clients are in need of so much more. We may not know what they are struggling with, what they are grieving, how this national shutdown has affected their household or if they have been able to find a silver lining.

It is said that people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care. We are in the service industry, and what a beautiful time to truly serve people!

So, let’s think: When we shampoo our client’s hair, it may be the first physical touch they’ve experienced in months. Placing a little extra time and care into these moments — which can so easily become routine — and being present could contribute more to our customers than we even realize.

Being a good listener, sharing genuine words and offering up our own vulnerability are ways for us, as hair artists, to make deeper connections in every interaction with our clients. They trust us and feel safe in our company. Thus, we have the duty and honor of making them feel beautiful!

We are leaders in beauty. The way beauty is viewed is, in part, determined by us — and we have work to do! We all have a say in what this “new normal” will look like in our salons and the world. Let’s work together to be intentional in promoting a redefined spirit of beauty, because where love is planted, beauty will grow.

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Drea Lecher

Drea Lecher is an international hair artist, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.


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