Sexy Hair Launches New Collagen Infused Products at Sexy Circus

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On March 4th, Sexy Hair brought BSE (Big Sexy Energy) to the St. Felix in Hollywood to celebrate the launch of their new collagen infused hair products. The night was filled with Avant-garde hair styling, sweet snacks and collagen infused cocktails.

We were welcomed into the exclusive Sexy Circus by a woman on stilts rocking an amazing bouffant. The curtain was pulled back, and we were met with loud music, dynamic displays of the products and several models displaying hairstyling by Dawn Atkinson and Amanda Fator.

It took three hours for Atkinson and Fator to style the six models. Styles included twins tethered together by a braid, a ringleader with slick curls, a contortionist rocking an intricate braid and a dancer giving off lioness vibes.

To give the women the volume and security that contorting can’t undo, the stylists used the Fun Raiser Dry Texture Spray to lock the looks in place. Sexy Hair’s new collagen infused products also include a Boost Up Shampoo and Conditioner. The collagen adds up to 70% more volume!

Additionally, the brand debuted a fun new Instagram filter that highlights your gorgeous hair. You can find it on their Instagram page or by searching BSE on your stories!

Get the new collagen infused products at CosmoProf or at your local Ulta now.