Spice Up Your Spring Style With Sandy Liang’s New Hair Accessories


New York based designer Sandy Liang has had a whirlwind of success when it comes to modernizing traditional feminine silhouettes; from dramatic ruffled skirts and dresses, to delicate ballet inspired footwear and corset tops, her past collections radiate a funky spin on classic womenswear. 

Liang is no stranger to delivering a unique design crossover between hyper-feminine pastimes and her Chinese American identity. Inspired by all things ballet, Liang’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection included playful pieces that simultaneously maintained a certain level of sophistication. On top of the collection’s garments, Liang’s whimsy hair accessories made a lasting impression, making everyone want to rock them for this coming spring season!

Here are our favorite hair accessories including bows, oversized scrunchies and barrettes from the newest collection.

Corsage Hair Bow

Image from SandyLiang.info

Corsages are no longer meant to exclusively be worn on your wrist at prom. Available in red and pink, cloud blue, and licorice, it’s the perfect subtle pop of color as we head into spring.

Shop: Corsage Hair Bow, $125.00.

Tuber Barrette 

Image from SandyLiang.info

This iridescent barrette is sweet, but its oversized proportions give it the ultimate edge making it the perfect Sandy flower for you to add to your cart! 

Shop: Tuber Barrette, $88.00.

Flower Power 2.0

Image from SandyLiang.info

Already a cult favorite, this massive scrunchie serves as the perfect pillow for your bun. Liang redesigned this recurring motif giving it sleeker finishes and adding two new colorways: ballet pink and black. Will you be having this satin-y scrunchie bloom from your hair this spring?

Shop: Flower Power 2.0, $115.00.

For even more hair accessories from the collection, make sure to visit https://www.sandyliang.info/.

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Corbin Woessner

Corbin Woessner is currently a Graphic Design/Editorial Intern at The Tease. Corbin loves thrifting, all things crafts, and adding eye gems to spice up her eye makeup. To keep her hair looking healthy, strong and soft, Corbin adores using her favorite brand Eva NYC’s products.


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