To dip or not to dip?


That is the beauty queen’s question…

Nails can make or break (literally) your day, so deciding on your nail type is so important!

While dip powder nails aren’t a new invention, there is still a lot of debate about them within the beauty industry. Some people have fallen in love, while others still don’t even know what it is. Is it sanitary? How does it work? Does it actually last longer than gel? Is it healthier for the nails?

So, what even are dip powder nails?

Basically, dip powder nails have three parts: base coats that act as glue, pigmented powder that add color, and a sealant that fast dries and hardens the nails. Unlike gel, dip powder does not need any UV light, which can be harmful for some people’s skin. However, the removal process is similar to gel, where you soak the nail in acetone and the excess gets filed or buffed off.

The main concern a lot of customers have is about whether or not it’s sanitary to be dipping multiple customers fingers into the same powder container. Or, if you use a sprinkling technique, if you can reuse the excess powder that does not stick to the nail. In theory, it could spread some fungal or bacterial infections, although there is not a lot of evidence of this. Nail tech’s should be sanitizing their customers hands before using powder and if any bacteria or fungus get into the powder, they wouldn’t be able to live in it. However, thinking about this can be a big turn off for a lot of customers, so it’s a good conversation to have with your nail tech before getting the service.

Opinions on durability definitely vary across the board. While it’s said to have vitamins to help strengthen your nails, the removal process is still damaging. There are different ways to apply the dip powder and experiences can vary greatly depending on the salon and nail tech. When applied correctly, dip powder nails can last anywhere from 14 days to a month.

Overall, dip nails really aren’t that different from gel. It really depends on how durable you want your nails to be and what you prefer to put on your nails.

Are you a ride or die dip powder fan? Let us know your thoughts about the technique in the comments below!

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