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And so do Glossier’s shoppers

It’s en vogue to be environmentally conscious right now, and for good reason. We only have one planet, and it’s up to us to take care of it. Plenty of celebrities and brands have taken it upon themselves to push sustainability with their products, packaging and the messaging they choose to promote their goods. With many already taking action, brands that haven’t yet taken the initiative to clean up their act are being pushed by their consumers to make some changes.

Thanks to feedback from their customers, one of the most popular cosmetics brands has taken notice and is making some changes to the way they do things. Glossier is well known for their millennial pink packaging that comes with a signature pink plastic bubble bag. While having a few of these bags in your collection can definitely be handy – who knows when you may need a little zip baggie for something – there does come a point where you’re probably forced to just toss it in the garbage once your bathroom drawers are overflowing with them.

Fans of Glossier who were tired of throwing away the extra plastic took to requesting the option of removing the signature pink bags from the packaging, citing arguments like the one made above. Glossier took notice, and announced they’re launching a new option for online orders. Typically, an online order would include one of the pink bags, stickers and additional packaging inserts, but the new feature will give shoppers the option to opt out of the extra goodies in favor of fewer throwaway items.

While it may not look like the biggest change, it’s always encouraging to see when brands take notice of their fans voicing their opinions. We applaud Glossier and their customers for making the change happen and showing us all what can be done when brands and their fans work together.