Wella Team Mentee Drew Faber on Styling Looks for the Beauty Changes Lives Experience Runway Show


Beauty Changes Lives Experience may have already come and gone but we’re still so inspired by all of the dazzling hairstyles that we saw hit the runway during the fundraising event. A true showcase of next-gen talent, BCL Experience’s presentation saw a number of aspiring artists debut their very first runway collection with the help of their incredible mentors. 

Among the talented artists who participated in the runway show was Wella Team mentee Drew Faber, who previously spoke with us about his mentorship with the iconic brand. We had the pleasure of catching up with Faber to discuss what it was like backstage, the biggest challenge he faced with the runway show, and his favorite look that the Wella Team presented.

The Tease: What was the mood like backstage as the Wella Team was preparing to debut their collection of hair looks during BCL Experience?

Drew Faber: It was electric! There was so much to be done and such a great camaraderie between every single person on team Wella. The energy was super intense but in a very fun way.

How did it feel to see all of your hair looks finally hit the runaway?

Faber: It was surreal because up until the actual weekend, everything was just mood boards and concepts. So, to see it all come together in the span of two very full days (up until the very last moments backstage) and then make such a spectacular impact was mind-blowing.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with styling looks for the runway presentation?

Faber: I think our biggest hurdle was in the actual movement and choreography for the runway walks. Because of our concept, we gave our models a lot of moving pieces and parts and props on top of their walking formations—they crushed it though!

Did you have a favorite look that the Wella Team presented? If so, which one was it?

Faber: I absolutely loved what we did on Aga (@makeupbyagarhodes), because she already started with this incredible vibrant red color. We only had to freshen up her base color, and then we added lavender, lilac, and gold tape-in extensions to contrast, which matched perfectly with the incredible Akira suit she wore. She looked wild and cool and powerful, which was exactly what we were going for!

What has been your takeaway from this entire experience?

Faber: Adaptability is everything. After our prep day on Saturday, it was decided that we needed a wig for one of our models, so I went home and whipped one up. With art and with people, things are always changing and the target is always moving, so the ability to think on one’s feet and roll with the punches is a huge advantage.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

To see more of Faber’s work, be sure to follow @drew.mitchell.hair on Instagram. And, for the latest on all things Wella be sure to follow @wellahairusa on Instagram.

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