Zerina Akers’ Black Owned Everything Makes Shopping Black Brands Easy


Over the last year or so, the need to support the Black community and Black-owned brands and businesses has come to the forefront of many conversations. Now more than ever, it’s so important that we show up for those making waves in their respective industries. One platform working towards ensuring that this support continues long past the “trend” ends is Black Owned Everything.

Black Owned Everything is an online space that highlights Black brands through a carefully curated marketplace.

What started as an Instagram account showcasing Black-owned brands has now turned into an entire network. Created by costume designer Zerina Akers, Black Owned Everything hopes to facilitate “long-lasting participation between Black business, community and excellence [because] it is not ephemeral, trend-based or short-lived.”

In order to continue helping consumers discover and support Black brands, Akers’ site provides a space for them to be seen, celebrated and shopped.

A Multi-Branded Network

Offering clothing and accessories along with beauty and home products, Black Owned Everything is a one-stop shop for all thing’s Black excellence. Not only does the online space celebrate Black owned brands, but its carefully curated shop also allows users to purchase their products directly from the site.

Featured in the shop is clothing brands like Aliétte, K.ngsley, Sponsored by God and more. Shoppers can also find accessories from brands like Tori Soudan, 3rd Eye view and Johnny Nelson. Beauty offerings include everything from facial massagers, oils and nail polish to scrubs, masks and toners from faves William Okpo, Skin BUTTR and Zena Foster Beauty. Black Owned Everything also offers hair products from Girl+Hair.

Needless to say, Black Owned Everything has shown up for the Black community and is providing a much-needed space for these brands to thrive. And we are so here for it!

Click here to browse the website. And be sure to follow Black Owned Everything on Instagram for more Black excellence.

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