10 Hilarious TikToks That Every Beauty Lover Will Appreciate

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Endlessly scrolling on TikTok is an unfortunate hobby that I’ve picked up during quarantine. While I may be ashamed by the increase in my screen time, the app really has provided me with such good entertainment. As a beauty lover, it’s no wonder that makeup videos have been popping up all over my For You Page. While I may need to cut back on TikTok, I’m grateful for the laughs and excited to share them with you!

Here are ten hilarious beauty related TikToks you need to see right now.

Trust the Process

User @kylieandorlando’s car glam really shows how important it is to trust the process of doing makeup. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t expect to see her impressive end results with the amount of contouring she was doing in the beginning.

A Mom’s Reality

@jennaleebeauty is every mom trying to quickly put makeup on while being a mother. The speed, yelling and mistakes compared to the soft music and chill vibe of doing glam without kids is so accurate!

Impressive Emoji Glam


#duet with @kalinakuli FOLLOW MY YOUTUBE IN BIO ‼️ (I really be having fun making those 😂😂😂) #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #viral #makeup #comedy

♬ dark horse – beth 🍀

Doing makeup inspired by emojis is entertaining enough by itself, but watching user @kwavyy_ hilariously react to @kalinakuli’s skills is everything. I could watch this one over and over tbh!

Sephora Amateur

All beauty lovers know the pain of a Sephora employee underestimating your makeup skills. @saffroneee’s sarcastic response to being treated like a beginner made me literally laugh out loud.

Complex Thoughts


These are the things that I think about while doing makeup… #HeinzHalloween #fyp #makeupartist #comedy

♬ Halloween (Main Theme) – Dr. Cover Band

I don’t know about you, but I also have very interesting thoughts when doing my makeup. Not only did this TikTok from @sydney_art make me question everything, but she also served an incredible butterfly look.

Makeup Artist Parody

@erikaxpriscilla’s impression of a makeup artist doing glam has me cracking up! The gum chewing, the lack of product and mannerisms are so on point, and I’m obsessed.

Filtered Makeup Challenge


#stitch with @sydney_art what do you guys think of the final look? 👍 or 👎?#makeup

♬ original sound – kate alt.

This TikTok makeup challenge is one I think everyone needs to try! I was really worried seeing the intricate look user @katesjamboree was attempting with the distorted filter, but it actually didn’t turn out too bad.

The Power of the Ring Light

@wizardofha turning into a beauty influencer after purchasing a ring light is exactly how I imagine I would act. The addition of the towel as hair near the end really had me laughing.

Lash Life Hack

If you want longer lashes but can’t afford extensions, you can always go with @operamericano’s approach and draw them on your glasses instead. While ridiculous, the end result weirdly looked okay?

Shapeshifting Contour


wait for end result…i love this audio…

♬ sailorj contouring 101 on youtube – skeet

This sound pulled from Sailor J’s Contouring 101 video has been used thousands of times on TikTok, and it still makes me laugh every time it comes up on my For You Page. User @maddiehen02 perfectly lip synched the video, and I’m loving it.

What beauty related TikToks are you loving right now? Tag us @readthetease!

Emily Lentz
Emily Lentz
Emily Lentz is a Los Angeles-based Features Editor, creating content and working towards providing an inclusive space for beauty professionals and consumers.