10 Rainbow Nail Sets to Inspire Your Pride Manicure


Whether it’s through makeup, hair or nails, adding a rainbow element to your look can be a fun way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. From bold and bright rainbow designs to more subtle pops of color, even the smallest addition to your manicure will show your support this Pride Month. If you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve got you covered!

Here are ten rainbow manicures that will perfectly showcase pride this June.

Geometric Tips

Instagram user nails.and.pages took a unique approach to French tips by opting for this multi-colored, geometric look. Although a simpler design, this mani is the perfect way to celebrate Pride Month.

Rays of Rainbow

This evil eye + rainbow manicure from @claw_queen is everything. The combination of designs is unique and perfect for those who want a bolder, more vibrant set. Not to mention, the heart additions are super cute!

Radiant Rainbows

Another mani we’re loving this month is this bright and shiny set from @foxycure. The pink base combined with stars and hearts only furthers the pride of the curvy rainbows. And we’re so here for it!

Loving & Prideful

Celebrating all types of love, this rainbow design is seriously impressive. Crafted by Instagrammer @press_reset_nails, this set is super unique and showcases the meaning of pride.

Fabulous Flags

@alittlelesstatty’s design is straightforward but still gorgeous. The bold set will have all eyes on your nails this June. Plus, the glitter addition adds a fun and sparkling element that we’re loving.

Abstract & Artsy

A more abstract take on solid nail colors, @themaniclub’s pride nails show that it’s possible to take a manicure from basic to bold by utilizing negative space. The colorful design is easy to recreate and will always impress.

An Ombré Moment

This prideful take on a classic ombré design from @karanailedit is all we’ve ever wanted in a rainbow nail set. The neon colors paired with shiny topcoat will take your mani from plain to fab this summer.

A Pop of Color

Another gorgeous manicure worth recreating this Pride Month are these French tips from @lecame.shesaw.shepainted. The bright shades provide the perfect pop of color without being too extra.

Courageous Stripes

This stripey nail moment from Instagram user @beautyspace_charlotte is a more on-the-nose set that’s still vibrant and guaranteed to impress this Pride Month. The precise rainbow design might be our fave!

Classic Hues

Nail artist @balujanails may have gone for a more traditional nail set for Pride Month, but we’re loving it! The eye-catching manicure is sure to impress while you’re out marching and celebrating.

How are you including pride in your nails this June? Tag us on Instagram @readthetease!

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