Pride-Inspired Makeup We’re Loving This June


Pride Month is in full swing! And there are many ways to celebrate. Whether you’re attending a march, wearing pride-themed apparel or adding rainbow elements to your makeup, it’s important to celebrate authenticity and showcase your support for the LGBTQ+ community. If you’re wanting to get creative with your makeup this June, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether it’s adorned with rhinestones, paired with total glam or a subtle nod, we’ve gathered some our favorite rainbow-filled looks to help inspire your pride makeup.

Pride All Over

Instagram user @doseofjass slayed this rainbow eye look. Paired with glowing skin, defined brows and a nude lip, this vibrant glam is perfect for Pride Month.

Cut Crease Creation

If you’re wanting a more abstract take on pride glam, look no further than @trash_witch_mua. The makeup artist’s cut crease shadow adorned with gemstones and fake lashes is sure to have all eyes on you!

Rainbow Stripes

@makeupbyellaj’s take on rainbow glam is fun, unique and full of pride. The detailed stripey glam is unlike anything we’ve seen, and we’re loving it!

A Lovely Moment

Another makeup moment worth recreating this June comes from Instagrammer @missmixed. Opting for the pansexual pride flag colors, the makeup artist’s heart filled glam is as prideful as it is impressive.

Bright & Full of Color

This colorful, symmetrical eye shadow is everything. @jamesruiz.mua went for a more literal approach to rainbow glam, pairing the gorgeous colors with bold lashes and precise eye liner.

Rhinestone Realness

Serving glamour and fun, Instagram user @bene_mlle’s rhinestone eye look is one everyone should tackle. The more unique glam looks gorgeous paired with her bright purple lip and rosy cheeks.

Blended Babe

This blended out rainbow look is another glam moment worthy of trying out! Crafted by @julkeup, the sparkling, pride-filled makeup is perfect for anyone wanting to be a little extra this month.

Front & Center

Makeup artist @pippambarnes completely slayed the rainbow glam game. This peekaboo makeup is sure to showcase your pride, and we wish we could rock it all month long.

These Wings Were Meant to Fly

Another unique take on pride glam is this butterfly wing moment from @jada.desiree. The precise lines and rainbow colors are seriously impressive against her rosy cheeks and glossy lips. This one might be our fave!

Double Rainbow

Combining the rainbow flag with the trans pride flag, Instagram user @thepaletteprince proves that you can truly celebrate all  this month. The contrasting eye lashes and dual colored lips really bring this entire look together!

Splattered Paint

@makeupbyamiiii took rainbow glam to another level with this look! Adding colorful paint to her chest and hand, the makeup artist is celebrating pride all over, and we’re so here for it.

Subtly Abstract

Last but not least, @jojomakeupblends’ approach to rainbow glam is simple but unique. The abstract makeup is perfect for those going for a more subtle look but still wanting to celebrate the prideful month.

Which glam look are you rocking this Pride Month? Tag us on Instagram @readthetease!

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