10 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Quarantine


Although important to keep COVID-19 in check, staying home and quarantining can be a very isolating practice. And with it can come anxiety, fear and feelings of grief. There are little steps you can take to ensure that your body and mind are healthy.

Here are 10 ways to practice self-care while quarantining at home.

Take a walk


Although you should be spending most of your day inside, it’s important to get out and soak in the sun. It’s amazing what taking a little walk around your neighborhood and getting a breath of fresh air can do for you. Just remember to practice social distancing if you encounter a neighbor on your walk.

Pamper yourself


Treat yourself while you’re sheltering in place! Wash your hair, grab the face mask you keep meaning to use and give yourself an at-home mani/pedi. If you really want to feel pampered, do your hair and makeup for a day to bring back a little normalcy to your life.



Gyms are closed, so it’s up to you to get up and move during the day. At-home workouts can be a difficult, but exercising will make you feel much better! You can check out online classes on YouTube, Instagram Lives from your favorite personal trainers or just have a dance party in your living room.

Get your mind right


While taking care of your physical health is necessary, paying attention to your mental health is just as important. Keep your mind relaxed by putting together a puzzle, listening to music, trying a crossword or reading a book. For an even more calming self-care activity, try meditating to put your mind at ease.

Check in on your friends and family


You may feel lonely while staying at home, but chances are your friends and family are feeling the same way. So, use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or simply send a text to check in on your people. Now is the time to better your relationships and connect.

Try a new recipe


Self-care is all about treating yourself with the things you love to do. If you’re quarantining at home and have the tools to do so, cooking and baking is always relaxing and kills a lot of time. Plus, you get to have something yummy when you’re done!

Watch your favorite show or film


During this time, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the news, which can produce major anxiety. The best way to escape reality for a little while is by immersing yourself into a fictional world. So, take a break from the news and the internet to watch your favorite feel-good show or film.

Keep your creativity up


In times like these, we’re all looking for new hobbies and ways to keep busy. Letting your creativity flow is the perfect way to practice self-care. You can pick up drawing and painting, try the DIY projects you’ve been eyeing, do some journaling or look online for some inspo.



Being at home for so long means you now have the time to reorganize! The closet you’ve been meaning to clean out, the drawer of random junk in your kitchen—you can finally give your home the spring cleaning it deserves! (The fulfillment you’ll feel when it’s all done is just an added bonus.)

Help others


Lending a helpful hand in times of stress is so important, not only for the people you’re supporting but for you as well. Donating to charities that are helping workers on the front line, helping grocery shop for your elderly neighbor or just being a listening ear will make you feel a little less helpless while you’re at home.

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