14 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop Right Now


In the movement for social and racial justice, we must continue to support Black-owned brands and businesses. Whether it’s skincare or makeup, these fourteen beauty brands are sure to deliver.

The Lip Bar


Founded by Melissa Butler, The Lip Bar produces vegan, cruelty-free makeup products that deliver to the underserved beauty community. With a goal to encourage users to be their most authentic selves, The Lip Bar offers products for the eyes, lips, face and more. Shop the line here.

Beauty Bakerie


A dream turned reality for Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakerie offers some of the best eyes, lips and face makeup products. Not to mention, every purchase made helps support Nicole’s Sugar Homes, an organization that provides money, toys and clothes to orphanages around the world. Click here to browse the makeup line.

Propa Beauty


Founded by Victoria Fazio, lipstick brand Propa Beauty centers their products around skin tones and perfecting the perfect “nude” shade. With women at the forefront, the beauty brand acknowledges the power of makeup and encourages women to embrace their beauty. Check it out here.

Lauren Napier Beauty


When makeup artist Lauren Napier couldn’t find the perfect makeup removing wipes, she decided to make her own. And thus, Lauren Napier Beauty was born. Formulated with most skin types in mind, her makeup removing wipes are sure to impress. Purchase here.

Mented Cosmetics


Mented Cosmetics founders KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson believe every woman deserves to feel seen in the beauty industry. Whether it’s lipstick, eyeshadow or blush, each product is pigmented to celebrate and elevate different skin tones. Click here to shop.

Hanahana Beauty


Hanahana Beauty is an all-natural skincare brand that uplifts women of color and uses sustainably sourced ingredients. Founder Abena Boamah’s goal is to help women feel confident, seen and smooth. Browse the brand here.

Uoma Beauty


Founded by Sharon Chuter, Uoma Beauty is “for all who’ve been left out.” The makeup brand believes that beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself, so they create products that are innovative and created for all. Click here to check out the line.

Rosen Skincare


Founded by Jamika Martin, Rosen Skincare makes cleaner products for people with acne-prone skin to ensure transparency along with results. With cleansers, toners and more, Rosen Skincare is sure to make you feel confident and clean. Click here to check out the line.

Danessa Myricks Beauty


Founded with inclusivity at its center, Danessa Myricks Beauty caters to all. The beauty brand believes that makeup is art and should be celebrated as so. With many easily personalized products, the line is great for professional makeup artists and consumers. Shop it here.

Black Girl Sunscreen


Shontay Lundy’s Black Girl Sunscreen was founded on the need for women of color to have sunscreen specially formulated for their skin. Black Girl Sunscreen rejuvenates skin, bans harmful ingredients and doesn’t leave behind dreaded white residue. Get it here.

Foxie Cosmetics


Foxie Cosmetics by Kayla Phillips has all the bath, body and skin products you could need. Handcrafted with art in mind, each product is ethically produced and works. Not to mention, the entire line is vegan and cruelty free! Check out the wellness-inspired brand here.

KNC Beauty


When Kristen Noel Crawley of KNC Beauty couldn’t find a natural lip product that worked, she decided to make one herself. The brand’s balms and masks are collagen infused and now sit on the lips of many. To find the product your lips will love, click here.

Juvia’s Place


Cosmetics Brand, Juvia’s Place “celebrates the rebels, rulers and queens of the African kingdoms of long ago.” Founded by Chichi Eburu, the line includes some of the brightest lip, face and eye products to help honor the beauty of those who came before. Click here to shop the line.

Undefined Beauty


Dorian MorrisUndefined Beauty uses CBD to create clean and conscious skincare products that produce major results. Not to mention, the line is vegan, cruelty-free and uses sustainably sourced ingredients that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Browse the clean beauty brand here.

What other Black-owned brands do you love? Let us know in the comments!

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