3 Easy Ways to Use Sebastian Professional’s No. Breaker at the Salon



As stylists, few things are more exciting than helping a client undergo a major hair color transformation. But, as fun as it is to experiment with all those different hair colors, the sad reality is that your stunning dye job can actually wreak serious havoc on your client’s strands. It’s a well known fact that excessive coloring and bleaching can cause major damage to the hair shaft, making it more prone to breakage, dryness, and loss of shine.

Lucky for you, Sebastian Professional is here to help you save your client’s hair with their new bonding and styling leave-in spray, No. Breaker. Formulated with apple acid and styling polymers, this bond-builder works like nothing else to strengthen hair from the inside out and repair broken bonds in the hair cuticle that has been severely damaged from frequent heat styling and chemical services.

Unlike other bonding treatments on the market, No. Breaker has the incredible capability to style hair as well as repair — and it does so, without compromising on volume or body, making it the ultimate hybrid product to have on hand during all of your salon appointments. Best of all, it requires no added time to produce results that are instantaneous. This leave-in spray will literally transform your client’s hair from the very first use, turning dry, brittle strands into smoother, shiner, more healthier-looking hair.

While No. Breaker works well on its own—for all hair types and textures, adding this bonding treatment to your existing services can really take your client appointments to the next level. Here, we break down three different ways to use No. Breaker at the salon.

  1. Offer Bonding Care

For clients in need of a little extra TLC after a shampoo, be sure to reach for No. Breaker to help strengthen their locks and reduce breakage. They’re strands will get the repair it needs and you’ll get to increase your ticket for the added service — a total win-win situation!

To provide this bonding care, you’ll want to layer the No. Breaker with any Sebastian hair mask (like the Dark Oil Lightweight Mask) to give the treatment an extra boost. The result? Beautiful, strong, healthy hair that feels smoother for up to four weeks.

2. Use No. Breaker as a Cutting Lotion

No. Breaker may be a spray, but it provides great slip to the hair making it the perfect tool to have around during haircuts with clients. Because this leave-in product is a bonder, it is able to hold tension in the hair, making it easier to glide your blade through your client’s strands. Not to mention, by using No. Breaker, stylists have the power to rebuild broken bonds in their client’s hair while they cut, leaving the hair in the healthiest state possible post-appointment.

To incorporate this bonding treatment, in your cutting services, you’ll want to make sure that you start with shampooed and towel-dried hair. After making sure to shake the bottle before use, hold the bottle six inches away from the hair and spray from root to end. Next, comb through the hair being sure that you do not rinse. Then, begin cutting the hair as usual. While you cut, the No. Breaker will be working its magic to help increase your client’s hair health.

3. Use No. Breaker as a Color Gloss

For an ultra-nourishing coloring treatment that will reactivate high shine and dimension on color-treated hair, consider using No. Breaker as a Color Gloss during your color services. To do this, you want to mix 20 pumps of No. Breaker formula with Sebastian Cellophane using a 1:3 ratio. Next, you perform the treatment as usual. Finally, rinse and style to reveal the most gentle color for healthy-looking hair.

At the moment, No. Breaker is available exclusively at Cosmoprof. For more information about the No. Breaker, be sure to follow @sebastianpro_northamerica on Instagram or visit the brand’s website.

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