4 Expert-Approved Tips for Taking Care of Curly Hair in a Heatwave


Now, I know I’m not alone in thinking that record-breaking heatwaves are not exactly what we all had in mind for our “hot girl summer”. Yet, here we all are battling blistering hot temperatures in the beginning of August. According to the National Weather Service, as of July 21st, more than 85 million Americans live in areas under excessive heat warnings or heat advisories. 

With temperatures approaching triple digits in many places, it’s the hottest that it’s ever been right now. And, as climate change continues to worsen, we can only expect to experience even more heatwaves in the future.

As anyone with curly hair knows, caring for your curls and coils during the hot summer months is already hard enough with the increased humidity, harmful UV rays, and increased temperature. But, a heatwave makes it even worse; those dangerously hot conditions can cause serious curl damage and an insane amount of frizz.

If you’re struggling with how to care for your curls in the middle of a heatwave, you’re in luck. The Tease turned to three curly hair experts for insight on how to help your curls survive this extreme heat. From easy hacks to helpful product recommendations, keep reading for expert tips that will help you save your curls during this insane heatwave. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

“In this excessive heat, moisture is key to your curls,” explains celebrity hairstylist and Veluer Creative founder, Michael Dueñas, whose clients include Noah Cyrus, Rachel Brosnahan, and Padma Lakshmi. To hydrate your curls, Dueñas recommends using your favorite conditioner that you use in the shower, as a styling agent.  “You want to wash and condition your hair as normal, rinse all your conditioner out, and then apply conditioner about half inch from your scalp to the ends of your hair,” he explains. “You should apply enough so your hair feels very slippery and soft. You leave it and scrunch your hair somewhat dry.” According to Dueñas, leaving in your normal conditioner—not a leave-in—gives your hair the most protection against the elements. “It’ll constantly nourish your hair throughout the day and provide an invisible coating and a soft feel,” he says.

Protect Against the Elements

“Extreme weather contributes to dry and frizzy hair which makes the curl lose its shine and contorts its natural pattern,” says curly hair expert and founder of Mila Rose Hair Care, Micaella Mosley. “Such conditions make it difficult to manage curly, frizzy hair and also devastate self-confidence.”

Image courtesy: Samson Katt for Pedels

To constantly protect against the elements and add an extra layer of protection while your hair is damp, Dueñas suggests applying a heat protectant. “These are typically used with hot tools to protect up to 425°, sometimes 450°. Use these on damp hair and then air dry or use a blowdryer with your diffuser,” he explains. “This will help seal and protect your hair even further. The best part about this is when you scrunch your hair, the casing from the protectant breaks apart and gives you a soft touchable feel with no inclination of any product usage.”

Buy a Good Leave-In Conditioner

In addition to a heat protectant, a leave-in conditioner will not only keep your curls healthy, but will also help add and seal in moisture—which parched strands need to combat humidity. Hairstylist Lena Yumi, who co-founded Hairitage Family Salon, says that Mila Rose Hair Care has a great leave-in conditioner that is user-friendly and perfect for the exceedingly hot summer months.

Image Courtesy: Mila Rose Haircare

“I always recommend the Mila Rose 2-1 Leave in Conditioner ($18.99) for coarse, thick, curly, wavy, straight, and damaged hair. It’s an easy step after washing your hair or jumping in the pool and provides ample moisture,” Yumi says. “The deep conditioner has quickly become a favorite for all types of thirsty hair, especially chemically processed hair.”

Make Curl Custard Your Best Friend

“Curly hair is admired by a lot of people but it only looks praiseworthy when it has a proper texture, shape, softness, and shine to it. No one adores it when it loses its moisture and becomes curly, frizzy hair due to the harshness of the weather,” Mosley says. “To evade frizzy hair and gain impressive curls, make curl custard your best friend.”

Will you be trying out some of these curly hair tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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