4 Styling Tips I Learned From Celebrity Hairstylist Irinel De León’s Dyson Virtual Styling Masterclass


As the hair mastermind behind some of Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Laura Harrier, and Chrissy Tiegen’s most enviable looks, it’s safe to say that Irinel de León is a bonafide expert on effortless, cool girl hair. But Hollywood hair is far from her only expertise, the celebrity hairstylist and Dyson Global Styling Ambassador is also a huge curly hair advocate and has a wealth of hair knowledge from working with different hair types and textures. So naturally, you can imagine how excited I was to recently receive an invite to her virtual styling masterclass with Dyson and have the opportunity to learn straight from the hair genius herself. 

During the masterclass, de León shared her best tips, tricks, and hacks for how to get the most out of your hairstyles when styling with your favorite Dyson hair tools—including some of the brand’s newest offerings. But don’t worry, I made sure to take note of some gems that were dropped during the one-hour session. Keep scrolling for four tips I learned during de León’s Dyson masterclass. 

When it comes to creating the perfect bouncy ‘90s blowout, it’s all about the volume:

To create supermodel-worthy waves, de León suggests using the Dyson Airwrap Multi-styler with the new Large Round Volumizing Brush attachment. “The key to getting a really bouncy blow dry is to take the round volumizing brush and go around the perimeter of the hairline and tuck all those little baby hairs into the hair itself,”  she says. “Then, I overdirect the hair in the opposite direction in which it should lay. So, if you want a really bouncy blow dry, you have to blow dry the hair upwards and that’s how you get that really nice volume on the hair itself. And this is good to do when the hair is wet or when the hair is dry.” She added that by repeating the motion of rolling the hair up, making sure to really tuck the ends in, and holding it there for a few seconds before releasing, stylists can ensure a really good hold. “One last thing I like to do is hit it with a cool-shot and that just really seals the cuticle,” says de León.

Sectioning the hair is a must when styling:

“Sectioning the hair is so important when styling because I find that the more you section, the easier it is to see where you started versus where you are going to finish,” explains de León. “You really want to make sure that you’re getting a nice, clean section as you are moving throughout the head to make sure that you’re staying organized and to make sure that you know what section of the hair is done versus not done.”

Get friendly with the Flyaway Smoother attachment for the Dyson Supersonic:

De León is a big fan of the dual functionalities of Dyson’s new Smoother attachment—it smoothes hair and hides flyaways. “It’s great for anyone that has really wavy hair or just wants their hair to be a bit more on the smoother side and not so bouncy,” she says. “You can utilize the brush to smooth the hair down and also point the cuticle downward as well and it just gives the hair a nice smooth finish. And then you can easily switch it to become the flyaways attachment.” She adds that you want to set it to cool first before trying to get rid of the flyaways.

Take your time when using the “boost” feature on the Dyson Airstrait:

When working with hair that is already dry, de León shared that she loves to use the “boost” feature on the Airstrait’s dry mode. “It’s just the highest heat setting on the machine,” she explains. “You can top off the hair and really get a nice, smooth finish on the hair itself. However, she stressed that the slower you go, the better when utilizing this feature on the Airstrait.  “I think, intuitively, we like to kind of just go through the hair really, really fast,” says de León. “But you really want to make sure that with this machine, you’re really giving it time to work and you’re going nice and slow. By doing so, you can ensure that hair is left with a nice, natural straight finish that is super silky and touchable. 

For more of de León’s hair tips and tricks, be sure to follow @hairinel on Instagram. And for all things Dyson Hair, make sure to follow @dysonhair and @dysonhairpro on Instagram.

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