5 Best Beard Oils for Achieving Soft, Full Beards


You ever wonder why Tom Hanks’ beard in Cast Away was so scraggly, misshapen, and rough? Well, it’s probably because he wasn’t using beard oil.

Beard oil is an underrated hair care necessity when it comes to men’s grooming. A good oil helps soften and hydrate facial hair, while minimizing beardruff. Yes, that’s a thing. Thankfully there are a lot of great products out there. Here are our top 5 recommendations for beard oils!

1. Grave Before Shave OG Blend Beard Oil

Grave Before Shave’s OG beard oil has jojoba and tea tree oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera all to soothe, strengthen and restore your beard. Jojoba oil is great for promoting healthy, thick hair, and moisturizes skin. The tea tree oil comes in to improve blood flow and prevent too much oil production, so say goodbye clogged pores and follicles. There are a number of different scents you can get this bad boy in, too: Sandalwood, Pine, Rum, or the one we linked: OG Citrus, which carries rosemary and lemon after notes. Who doesn’t like looking fresh while smelling fresh?

Get it at Amazon.com for $25 (4 oz.)

2. RICH Luxury Beard Oil by Rick Ross

Containing jojoba and grape-seed oils, Rick Ross’s RICH Luxury Beard Oil absolutely ranks in these top 5. This oil also has linoleic acid to limit inflammation of ingrown facial hairs and reduce the incidence of them. This is super helpful for maintaining the beards of men of color, who are more likely to experience ingrown beard hairs due to the maintenance of thick and curly facial hair. Another key ingredient is castor oil, which can stimulate and promote hair growth. Hey, if this is the secret to getting Rick Ross’s gorgeous beard — sign us up!

Get it at Amazon.com for $20 (1 oz.)

3. The Groom Hair and Beard Oil by Seb Man

The Groom by Seb Man has an exclusive blend of grape-seed, jojoba, almond and argan oils all working to give you that smooth sheen. This oil can be used for both facial hair and head hair to add shine and malleability. Aside from the versatility, our second favorite part of this beard softener is the scent: pink pepper and bergamot — yum!

Get it at MyWellaStore for $9.75 (1oz)

4. Four Vices Beard Oil by Beardbrand

Ranking in at number four, we have Four Vices by Beardbrand, named the best new beard oil for those long, thick manes. The scent is filled with aromas of coffee, tobacco, hemp and hops to get that earthy, floral scent. This product is almost weightless, while making that thick beard soft and shiny! With jojoba, castor, and grapeseed oils, this scruff treatment makes for one luscious beard.

Get it at GroomingLounge.com for $40 (1 oz.)

5. Wood & Spice Hot Oil Beard Treatment by Proraso

When it’s time to have a little bit of self-care, we highly recommend this hot oil treatment on your facial hair. As opposed to leaving this product in your beard until the next wash, this oil acts as a hydrating and strengthening mask. Breakage is the worst thing that can happen when you’re trying to grow out a nice long beard — that’s what’s so great about this treatment! It comes with 4 vials of oil and instructions on how much of it to use based on the length of your facial hair, from one-third of a vial to a full one! With the scent of cedarwood, saffron, and vanilla, this cruelty-free hot oil beard treatment is a must-have for nourishing and reconditioning your beard — no matter how wiry or coarse.

Get it at proraso-usa.com for $18

Did your go-to beard oil make the list? Swear by something else? Let us know in the comments.

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