5 Tips to Roll Out Your Beach Waves at Home


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Rollers have a reputation for creating tight, vintage ringlets. But, what if we told you they were actually the secret to soft, beachy waves? #Truth. These classic tools have huge potential for creating more modern styles. An addition for many badass stylists, you can get beautiful blowouts as simple as curl, wrap, clip and set.

There are tons of options on the market –– heated, plastic, ceramic and more –– but our favorite lately has been The Original ClassiCurl. The biggest win on these rollers is their 100% boar bristles that make it easy to brush out your beachy waves with one less tool. Their unique design nixes static and breakage with a shorter cool time and longer-lasting results, thus answering some of our top concerns when it comes to rollers. Swap your round brush for a set and check out these tips to enjoy a more hands-off method for modern styles:


Size Matters

Getting a trendier texture is all about choosing the right sized rollers. To create styles that are more wavy than curled, choose rollers that are at least a ½” or larger. Doing so creates more volume than it does definition. ClassiCurl rollers come in multiple sizes from 1.25” to 3”. So, depending on your hair’s length and thickness, grab a set and a corresponding curling iron that suits your needs.

Meet in the Middle

Another bad habit that turns our rollers against us is starting the curl at the end of our hair, rather than the middle. Start by sectioning your hair. Then, after curling, reposition your roller in the center of each section and rap to set the style. Be sure your ends are flat against the barrel to avoid kinks. Also, #ProTip: Save the front pieces for last and use larger rollers to get looser, face-framing waves. Place on top of the section, rather than underneath, and roll back to create the best style.


More, More, More

After securing your rollers, it only takes a few more steps to lock in your waves.  Add a mild hairspray (something too thick will make brushing and removing the rollers difficult). Then, for dry hair, let the rollers sit for at least a few minutes. The more time, the better because it lets the curls set longer and build more volume to play with in the end. For wet hair –– ClassiCurl is good for both –– use your hair dryer to set with heat, then seal the cuticle with a cool shot. After setting, unroll and brush out gently using the 100% boar bristles.

Touch (and Turn) Up

Finally, touch up any section that got too much, or not enough, curl. If you want to manage the volume, take a flat iron close to your scalp and smooth out the texture with a few gentle passes. To further define your waves, clamp and twist along the curl. And finally, for pieces that fell flat, go back in with your go-to tool –– dryer + round brush, curling iron or straightener –– and add in those extra finishing touches.

This classic tool deserves to be brought into modern styling full-force. Use them to amp up the volume on all your blowouts –– at home or at the salon –– and rock soft, beachy waves this spring. Looking for a set? You’re in luck. A set of ClassiCurl rollers is one of six full-sized products included in our Spring Fling Box from Hello Salon Pro! Get on the list and get your box sent ASAP.

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