5 Ways to Support Protestors Across the Nation


On May 25th, a now viral video hit social media showing a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on 46-year-old George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, resulting in his death. Adding to the long list of unarmed Black people who are killed by the police in the US, Floyd’s death has caused major outcries — now across the world. Protests against police brutality, racism and injustice have cropped up in at least 140 cities, leading to unrest and, in some instances, violence.

You may be at a loss for how you can provide support for the Black community, organizers and protesters during this time, but here are a few steps to take to make a difference.

Sign a Petition


Signing petitions and demanding change is a very simple yet effective way to support the movement for justice. There are many petitions going around, and all you have to do is add your name. You can also text “FLOYD” to 55156 and “JUSTICE” to 668366.

Here are some suggested petitions:

  • Color of Change is demanding that ALL four officers involved in the murder of Floyd are arrested and charged. Sign the petition here.
  • #WeCantBreathe is also demanding justice for Floyd and his family, calling on Hennepin County District Attorney Mike Freeman to do the right thing. Click here to sign.
  • Reclaim the Block is encouraging petitioners to help tell the Minneapolis city council to defund the police for a “safe, liberated future.” Sign here.
  • Change.org’s Raise the Degree petition demands that former officer Derek Chauvin be charged with first degree murder. Go here to sign.
  • The NAACP’s #WeAreDoneDying campaign fights for equality for Black people and demands justice for Floyd. Sign their petition here.
  • Color of Change has another petition set up calling for justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot by police eight times while asleep in her own bed. Sign it here. You can also text “ENOUGH” to 55156.
  • Another Change.org petition calls for the Disbarment of Georgia District Attorney George E. Barnhill. Barnhill failed to hold those responsible for the Death of Ahmaud Arbery accountable. Click here to sign.

Make a Phone Call


By simply making a phone call, you can demand justice for George Floyd in Minneapolis. It’s also vital that phone calls be made to demand the release of arrested protesters. Another option is sending an email to police@minneapolismn.gov or policereview@minneapolismn.gov.

  • Minneapolis Mayor’s Office, Jacob Frey: (612) 673-2100
  • Minneapolis District Attorney, Mike Freeman: (612) 348-5550
  • Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison (651) 296-3353
  • Minneapolis Internal Affairs: (612) 673-3074
  • To demand the arrests of officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death, call the Louisville Mayor’s office: (502) 574-2003.
  • Contact the Glynn County District Attorney to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery: (912) 554-7200
  • Call your local representatives to demand action to end police violence. Click here to find contact information.



For those who can afford it, making a donation is an extremely important step in supporting the entire Black Lives Matter movement. Whether it be to support Floyd’s family or to help post bail for wrongly arrested protestors, any amount can make a difference. Here are a few suggestions:

  • The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund supports Floyd’s family in funeral expenses, counseling, any accrued court proceedings and the care of Floyd’s children. Donate here.
  • The Peoples City Council Freedom Fund will help provide legal support like bail and fines for arrested protesters, along with medical bills, supplies and direct monetary support for Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles. Click here to donate.
  • Unicorn Riot is an independent media company providing coverage from the front lines of the protests. To donate and provide support, click here.
  • Black Vision Collective raises funds for the Twin Cities area and Minnesota to lead local campaigns to help demolish the oppression of Black people. Donate here.
  • The Know Your Rights Camp led by Colin Kaepernick has set up a fund for Minneapolis protestors who need legal support or have been arrested. Click here to donate.
  • Other funds have been set up nationwide to help provide bail for arrested protestors. Find bail funds for your state here.
  • Donate to the “I Run With Maud” fund to assist Arbery’s mother and family with financial support in their struggle for justice here.
  • To donate to multiple organizations fighting for justice at once, click here.

Support Black Owned Businesses


Another way to provide support for the Black community is to purchase food and other goods from Black owned businesses. Take the time to research your city to see what companies could use your support now and in the future. Here are some resources:

  • Many Black-owned face mask businesses can be found here.
  • Twitter user @jadealycebod has compiled a list of many companies you can shop from online here.
  • A list of Black-owned food businesses in Los Angeles can be found here.
  • Click here to find a list of additional Black-owned fashion and beauty brands.



Lastly, voting is a vital step in demanding change in the country. The energy behind the protests and the passion everyone feels cannot go away. Register to vote at www.vote.org. And click here to see where your state representatives stand on police violence.

For more information, refer to bit.ly/BlackLivesAction and blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/.

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