7 Must-Have Beauty Products from Sea Witch Botanicals


Sea Witch Botanicals is a vegan, women-owned brand that provides products for anyone looking to live an all-around eco-friendlier lifestyle. With everything from skincare and cosmetics to candles and cleaners, the brand’s offerings make it easy for users to trade in their home and body products for all-natural alternatives. Not to mention, Sea Witch Botanicals uses the power of plants and a witchy aesthetic to create high quality products that are healthy for you and the planet.

From lip balms to facial serums, here are the seven best beauty products from Sea Witch Botanicals.

Vegan Lip Balm

Made with coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and other powerful ingredients, the Vegan Lip Balm moisturizes and refreshes lips to reveal softer texture. Not to mention, it’s colorless and is formulated without synthetic fragrances.

Promising review from Sea Witch Botanicals: Molly says, “This is honestly the best lip balm I can find. My lips are in constant need of moisture and this product not only provides that, but it also helps heal any cracks I may have.”

Soothing Facial Toner

The Soothing Facial Toner will revitalize and calm skin while relieving stress and refreshing your mood. Made to help clean and tighten pores after cleansing, this spray is a must-have in everyone’s skincare routine. It can even be used as a pillow spray or aftershave!

Promising review from Sea Witch Botanicals: Jessica says, “I love this toner! I spritz my face every morning and evening. The smell isn’t overpowering, and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.”

Radiant Pearl Facial Bar

Another beauty product you need from Sea Witch Botanicals is the Radiant Pearl Facial Bar. Formulated with shea butter and coconut oil, it removes unwanted oils and other impurities while hydrating and cleansing the skin. Plus, it’s super gentle!

Promising review from Sea Witch Botanicals: Suze says, “Using this facial soap feels like silk on skin. This makes my skin feel like I don’t need moisturizer, even during the winter. The lather feels like lotion on your hands and rinses quickly.”

Solid Perfume

The Solid Perfume is a game-changing and easy-to-use product. Using natural floral scents and fruity notes, it provides a buildable scent that you can’t find anywhere else. Using an impressive essential oil blend, the perfume is great for everyone!  

Promising review from Sea Witch Botanicals: Julie says, I absolutely love these perfumes. They smell amazing and you can even use different scents together to create your own combinations.”

Lucidum Facial Serum

Sea Witch Botanicals’ Lucidum Facial Serum is another beauty product that your skin will love. Using reishi mushrooms, the facial oil will leave you with a glowing, dewy complexion. Not to mention, it’s full of anti-aging ingredients like frankincense to keep your skin on point.

Promising review from Sea Witch Botanicals: Betsy says, “This is the best facial product I have ever used — hands down. It leaves your skin well hydrated without feeling greasy and it remains hydrated overnight. No morning dry skin!”

Lip Tint

The Lip Tint is a cream that can be used on the lips and cheeks to produce a gorgeous and natural hue. With a large range of color options, there is a subtle shade for everyone! Along with providing a hint of color, the tint moisturizes and revitalizes lips as well.

Promising review from Sea Witch Botanicals: Isabella says, “This moisturizes and colors my lips beautifully. The lip color fades nicely and stays on for a good amount of time. I love this product. Pearl rose is my favorite and compliments my skin.”

Grooming Soap

Lastly, Sea Witch Botanicals’ Grooming Soap uses activated charcoal and chamomile extract to cleanse and balance skin while stripping away oils and providing a base for grooming. It can even be used as a facial cleanser, on beards or as shampoo.

Promising review from Sea Witch Botanicals: Meagan says, “I got this for my boyfriend to try as he has very sensitive skin. He uses it before shaving and has noticed a significant difference in his razor burn/bumps.”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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