7 Plant-Based Products From Native Atlas You Will Love


Founded by esthetician Alexia Wambua, Native Atlas is a skin and body care brand made from simple, clean ingredients that will leave you recharged and at peace. Each product is formulated with natural botanicals and essential minerals aimed to help customers rewind and get back to basics.

The brand offers many natural products and several collections, but here are seven you will love!

Maisha Living Beauty Oil


The Maisha Living Beauty Oil uses active botanicals and an exotic blend of African Mongongo and Marula Oil to purify skin while easing stress and anxiety. The all-over facial oil is best used at night on a cleansed and toned face but can also be used around eyes as a moisture serum.

Promising review: Erica says, “This oil is a special gift I give my skin daily. It hydrates and nurtures my aging skin. I love the smell as well.”

Virdis Antioxidant Toning Mist


Another must-have product is the Virdis Antioxidant Toning Mist. The toner helps eliminate dehydrated skin, increases nutrient absorption and strengthens the skin barrier. Just mist over your face and neck for extra hydration after cleansing, or spray over makeup for a dewy finish.

Promising review: Angela says, “I can’t live without this toning mist. Love it!”

Misuli Recover Body Balm


The Native Atlas Misuli Recover Body Balm is the perfect product for athletes and those with sore muscles and other pain. The balm de-stresses, detoxes and soothes  body and  mind with a mixture of cooling menthol, herbal arnica and eucalyptus.

Promising review: Kirsten says, “Words cannot express the relief this product gives to sore or tired muscles. I’ve used it before, during and after workouts and always get a positive vibe.”

Zahara Enzyme Mask


Another skincare product from the brand is the Zahara Enzyme Mask. It boosts skin radiance, provides intense hydration and exfoliates skin for a brighter, moisturized complexion. Not to mention, the mask contains a hyaluronic acid and AHA blend that restores skin texture.

Promising review: Emily says, “After using this mask only once, I have already noticed an increased glow to my skin. It smells great, feels great, and makes your skin LOOK great.”

Movement Oil


While all products are great, the real stand out product is the Movement Oil. It uses Cannabinoid rich hemp, Mentha, holy basil and lavender to give you the pick-me-up you need. Packaged in a roller ball tube, this oil is great for on-the-go use to make you feel good, smell good and relieve stress.

Promising review: Katie says, “I love the convenience of the movement oil. I can carry it in my purse or workout bag. It’s so easy to apply and smells amazing.”

Misuli Circulation Soak


The Misuli Circulation Soak is another de-stressing, detoxing product meant to soak away sore muscles and ease pain. Formulated with Epson salt, the soak reduces inflammation, fights illness and elevates the mood. Just add to a warm bath for ultimate relief.

Promising review: Amy says, “I used this soak after being sore from a ton of workouts, and it literally made me feel like I was floating. I slept like a baby after.”

Zahara Rewind Tonic


Last but not least, the Zahara Rewind Tonic is great for all skin types, gently exfoliating skin to remove dull surface cells, excess oil and dirt. Not to mention, it’s cleansing, moisturizing and restores a clear and glowing complexion after just one use.

Promising review: Denise says, “This is light on my skin and feels very refreshing. I have only been using for one week, and I have rosacea, but so far so good!”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Which plant-based Native Atlas products do you want to try? Let us know in the comments!

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