7 TikTok Hair Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer


When it comes to hair inspiration, there’s literally no better place to look than TikTok. Believe it or not, but the social platform that was once known for its viral dance challenge has, as of late, become the go-to dictator of hair trends. At the moment, a number of interesting hair looks have taken off with creators, securing themselves as the must-try hairstyles this summer. From nostalgia-inducing hairstyles to bold hair color combos, you’ll definitely want to give these TikTok hair trends a try!

Zigzag Part

Just months after the side part vs middle part debate literally tore the internet apart, now the zigzag part has entered the chat. The ‘90s style has been receiving a lot of love on TikTok as of late and for good reason — it adds a little something special to even the most simplest of hairstyles, as Bella Hadid has proved.

For anyone tempted to give this fun look a try, check out this super easy tutorial from TikTok user @musetheagency.


Fawcett Flip

The ‘70s are alive and well on TikTok thanks to a resurgence of one of the decade’s most iconic hairstyles — the “Farrah Flip”. Taking inspo from the beloved Charlie’s Angel star, Farrah Fawcett’s signature fluffy, feathered curls, this look is all about the volume, so you’ll definitely want to break out that large barrel curling iron for this one!

Need help nailing this retro hairstyle? Give Tiktok user Mallory Jade’s (aka @groovy_mal) viral video a watch.

Feather Extensions

If there’s one trend we never saw making a comeback, it’s feather hair extensions. But, alas, the 2010s style has been super popular with TikTok creators, including Addison Rae. Though, one thing to keep in mind before you decide to break out the hair feathers is that wearing the style could be appropriative of Indigenious culture.

If you’ve ever wondered how to add feather extensions to your hair, be sure to check out this tutorial from TikTok creator @lainey_michelle.

Mermaid Waves

Forget beach waves because according to TikTok, mermaid waves are all the rage! Just as its name suggests, this look is characterized by the loose, crimped waves that we assume would be the hairstyle of choice for any real-life mermaid. Best of all, anyone can get in on this ocean-inspired trend, no matter if you have long locks like Desi Perkins or a cute bob.

Take a cue from TikTok creator @dev.salontwosixisix and see how you can make all your mermaid hair dreams come true.


Mermaid waves 😍 @outcastclothing @sarahemilia.thesix #mermaidwaves #extensions

♬ 34+35 – Ariana Grande

Wolf Cut

While the rest of us have been debating over whether or not to finally give the mullet a try, Gen Z TikTokers have already moved on to the “wolf cut”. Resembling the mane of a wolf, this edgy style is a mash-up of two of the season’s most popular haircuts: the shag and the mullet. Characterized by a fuller, more volumized crown that tapers near the bottom and lots of fringe, this style gives off major cool-girl vibes.

If TikTok user @gianadekat’s fierce cut doesn’t convince you to try a wolf cut, we don’t know what will.


This is your sign to get a wolf cut 🐺 #wolfcut #shag

♬ I’m So Pretty – REYANNA MARIA

Skunk Hair

Cruella De Vil may have been onto something with her iconic black-and-white hair color because her signature look has been popping up all over TikTok, as of late. That’s right, skunk hair (aka two-tone hair) is in and stars like Dua Lipa  have played a big role in helping this grungy trend become popular. Whether you go for chunky highlights, a money piece, or even bleached bangs, there are some ways to give the two-tone look a try!

TikTok creator @thenutoriousswaglord69 walks you through her journey to achieving the skunk hair look and it may just inspire you to book an appointment with your colorist, asap!

Copper Hair

If there is one hair color that the TikTok hair community has been loving lately, it’s copper. In fact, the hashtag #copperhair has already racked up 22 million views and it’s easy to see why, given the fact that the shade looks absolutely stellar on just about everyone. Not to mention, there are literally endless possibilities when it comes to incorporating the tone into your current hair look — think copper highlight or an all-over shade of warm red like Gigi Hadid.

Let hairstylist and TikTok creator @hairby.tori walk you through the process of what copper hair transformation looks like.

Will you be testing out any of these TikTok hair trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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